Some of my Stories

To make life a little easier, especially with regards to my serials, I thought I’d create this page, which will list things in chronological order, to save you rummaging around trying to find first stories.



Eleanor and her Master (serial)

  1. Coffee Time
  2. The Lunch Date
  3. Meeting at the Station
  4. A Step Back In Time
  5. A Lesson Learned
  6. A Lesson Learned, part II
  7. The Training Room
  8. Eleanor’s Dilemma
  9. So Much For A Lie In…
  10. A Blind Date
  11. A Stormy Night
  12. Come Into My Parlour, said…
  13. The Training Room Revisited
  14. The Training Room Revisited, Part II

Short (one-off) Stories

Stories By Others

  • Into Focus – a teasing tale from my lovely friend Belle.
  • Sunday Shower – what better way to wake on a Sunday; a story from h0ll0wd0ll’s blog.

The Novel

If you have enjoyed reading my short stories, you may enjoy reading my book, more details can be found on my Order: A BDSM novel page.

And here are a couple of short stories relating to ‘Order’.

If you enjoy these stories, do consider purchasing my book, and I may even write more.



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