Order: A BDSM novel


Order is the debut erotic BDSM novel by Domine T. It is available in multiple formats from Chimera Books, as well as from Amazon for Kindle.

Links to buy can be found at the bottom of this page.


About Order

Kneeling, naked on the floor, back to the door, Louise glanced around her room. Her toys were laid out neatly on the table, and a look at her clock told her it was five minutes to; time for her to put on the blindfold…

Louise is a successful businesswoman with a rewarding career, but that doesn’t give her the excitement she craves. In her quest to expand her horizons she contacts the mysterious Master, and submits to him. In return for her obedience she is initiated into a secretive society which explores fantasies of bondage, domination, corporal punishment, and other fetishes.

Her adventures bring her new friends, a new job, and a new sense of freedom to explore. But she remains curious about the person behind the voice she faithfully follows, eventually searching him out, despite the risks.

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Reviews of Order


ā€@FreightTrain010: “- a delicious read! This book with have you salivating!”

@Barbarella234: “This is sex, sex and more sex. I like it!”

Chimera Books:


Phew…*fans self*
Not good for those with high temperature control issues!
A fabulous, sexy read. Can’t wait for the next book!



Terrifically written sexy story
Right from the first chapter I was drawn into the fantasy and left breathless as Louise explores and discovers the pleasures of the Order. A steamy read!


Amazon UK:

Deliciously wicked!
By Anari
Verified Purchase

Imagine a Master who’s face you may never see… his voice, which you must never hear… and his words which you must always obey.

Louise is discovering the world of BDSM and it doesn’t take her long to realise that she is submissive by nature. When a secretive order by the name of ‘The Purple Court’ comes to her attention, she wants in.

Shrouded by secrecy, the patrons speak Latin and expect complete and utter obedience at all times. Failure to do so, has strict consequences. Louise is diving down the proverbial rabbit hole and she is not exactly sure where it is going to lead, but the excitement leaves her breathless…

Steamy hot sex scenes, intrigue and wonderful characters who spring to life off the page. Loved it. Would thoroughly recommend.

Hot stuff
By Anon
Verified Purchase

My wife bought this, and struggles to put it down.

But when she does put it down…

Amazon US:
Interesting Order!
Verified Purchase
I thought this book was very imaginative and interesting. I enjoyed the mystery & secrecy of the order. The writing was exceptional & graphic. It was extremely erotic & sexy as well!

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Read a preview of Order

Still unsure? Try reading the opening few paragraphs (opens in new window).

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Where you can order Order

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