Monthly Archives: April 2016

Writing again…

Hello all you faithful followers; all of you who hung in there during my absence.

I hope I haven’t lost anyone…

I just wanted you to know that after I don’t know how long, I have started writing a new serial, which I hope to begin posting online soon (let me get a few more chapters under in the cache first…).

While you’re waiting, you could browse through my older stories to reacquaint yourselves with what I do. If you haven’t already done so, you could also by a book I wrote a while back.

And you could also help me by telling me what you like about my stories, and what you don’t like (e.g. Order is quite a Beaver-fest).

As for the new story, I’ve enjoyed writing what I’ve written so far. It’s probably closer to Eleanor’s story in style, so far at least, so I hope you will enjoy it as I start drip feeding it to y’all.

Thank you for staying the distance, and I hope I don’t disappoint.




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