The Postman Only Knocks Twice

Molly slumped down in her chair, and drank her coffee. She’d got rid of the kids, and was ready for some time for herself. She put her feet up, and lay back, looking forward to just laying there with no distractions.

She was drifting off when someone knocked on the door three times. She pulled herself up, and listened. Dressed only in her dressing gown, she didn’t want to answer the door. After a minute or two, there was nothing, so she lay back down again.

As soon as she’d got comfortable again, the knocking was there again; slower, louder, and somehow more insistent. Sighing, she got up, and made her way to the front door.

She opened the door slightly, shielding herself from public view behind it. She peered out at a tall uniformed man.


“Sorry to disturb you, ma’am, but I have a package to deliver, and it wouldn’t go through the slot.”

“Ah, er, ok.”

She reached her arm out to take the package.

“I need you to sign for it,” he said.

“Uh, ok.”

He reached inside his jacket, and withdrew a pen, and handed it, along with a clip board, to her. Molly, tried to sign her name, but the pen just wouldn’t write.

“Uh, your pen doesn’t seem to work,” she said, handing it back.

“Oh, sorry, ma’am!”

He checked his pockets, before apologising.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t seem to have any more pens!”

Molly was getting a little cold, stood by the door.

“You’d better come in while I find one then,” she said, opening the door wide enough to let him through, but still shielding herself from the outside world.

He stepped in, and she closed the door. She turned to go into the lounge, but noticed him staring at her. She looked down, and realised her gown was open, exposing her naked form underneath. She quickly pulled the gown around her, and walked through, with the postman following. She paused at the doorway, and she could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. She turned to face him, and he bent down to kiss her softly on her lips, taking Molly by surprise. She closed her eyes, and felt herself melting. She felt his arms around her, holding her upright, and she moved her arms around his neck, pulling him in closer.

He opened her gown and slipped his hand inside, gently stroking her side. He moved it around her back, moving slowly and gently along her spine, causing her back body to tingle, before he moved down to her buttocks. He squeezed gently, before pulling her in closer again.

Their lips slowly parted company, and they gazed into one another’s eyes. He moved in again, and kissed down the side of her neck, taking his time, a series of gentle kisses moving down, and around the base of her neck. Molly moved her head to accommodate him as best she could, savouring each soft, sweet contact for his lips.

Then he lowered himself onto his knees, and opened her gown again, this time to stroke and caress her milky white breasts, his fingers gently play with her nipples. He moved his head closer, and kissed each breast in turn, before taking one in his mouth to suck. She felt his tongue licking and gently flicking her nipple, each flick sent a surge through her body. He did the same again with her other breast, slowly taking it into his mouth, licking and flicking.

His hands moved again, stroking her soft skin, one hand around her back, the other stroking her belly. Again he moved forward, and planted a line of soft kisses down her belly, moving ever so slowly lower, and lower. Before he reached her groin, he moved around her, and planted kisses on the small of her back under her gown.  She removed her gown, and leaned against the doorway, as he began his train of kisses up her back, criss-crossing her spine, and hitting every one of her erogenous zones on the way. She may have felt a little groggy to begin, but now she was wide awake, and enjoying his gentle, loving attentions.

He reached her shoulder blades, and started again to kiss around the base of her neck. She reached her arms over her head and back, to run her fingers through his hair, making sure he maintained his attention in that area for a little while at least. She felt his hands move around her, gently cupping her breasts, and then stroking slowly down her belly, heading towards her groin. Her eyes closed, and she concentrated on the sensations of his kisses, and his caresses.

His hand arrived at the top of her thighs; she parted her legs slightly to allow his further exploration. His fingers stroked between her thighs, while he kissed the back of her neck. He found her clitoris hiding away, and gently coaxed it, causing it to swell a little. He brought his hand up to Molly’s lips, allowing her to kiss, and then lick and suck a couple of his fingers, before returning his now moistened fingers to her clit for more massaging.

She let out an involuntary groan, and arched her back, while he continued teasing her with his finger. She felt a finger make a tentative move to enter her, so she adjusted herself to allow him access. His finger entered, before returning to work again on her clit.

She reluctantly pulled away from his kisses, and turned around to face him. Before she could do anything, he was on his knees gently pushing her back against the doorway, and kissing around the tops of her thighs. She pushed her pelvis up a little, and again parted her legs to allow his mouth access to her; his tongue was soft against her clitoris, and softly licked around her vulva, before hardening to enter her. He lifted her legs over his arms, ensuring he was firmly pushed up against her, licking her out gently at first, getting a more and more involved as he went on.

Molly’s breathing deepened, and her hands moved to his head, trying to push him in deeper. She groaned again, and her thighs tightened around him, until she came to a point where she wanted to have him, she needed to have him, she had to have him inside her.

She pushed his head away, and swung her legs off his shoulders. Taking back control of the situation, she held his head in her hands, and kissed him greedily, pulling him upright at the same time. Then she pushed him against the doorway, hurriedly unbuckled his belt, and lowered his trousers to see his manhood standing ready. She got hold of it, and licked it, making sure it was all wet, and then backed up, pulling him towards her by his penis.

She leant back against the doorway again, and raised a leg around his side, guiding him into her. He realised what she was doing, and as soon as he had entered her, he lifted her up against the way, and she crossed her legs behind him. She grabbed his head, and pulled him close again, kissing him eagerly as he started to thrust into her. He quickly built up pace, and she tried to manoeuvre her pelvis to meet each and every thrust.

She was uncomfortable against the doorway, but she didn’t care; if anything, it served to heighten her sensations; his lips against hers, her breasts pressed against his chest, his loin meeting hers. The excitement within her built up, until it was a crescendo of orgasm, and her whole body began to shake. She gripped onto him even tighter as he continued to thrust, trying to get in deeper and deeper. She became aware of her own groaning, which seemed to set him off, as she felt him begin to jerk inside her. Her muscles tightened involuntarily around him, and he arched his back, trying to get further inside, before she felt him explode inside her, his body reaching a plateau of tension, before slowly coming back down and relaxing a little.

Molly’s legs and back ached, but she didn’t care. He gently put her back down onto the floor, before staggering to the sofa and sitting down, gasping. She made her way on wobbly legs to sit beside him. They sat and cuddled for what seemed both and age, and yet no time at all.

“Are you sure your package wouldn’t fit my slot?” she asked, cheekily.

He laughed. “I just hope I didn’t get the wrong address.”

They cuddled in together again.



“Next time you finish early, give me a call to let me know you’re coming.”

He smiled.

“Nah! It’s not half as much fun!”



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