Linzi felt a little awkward. Sat in a coffee shop in a strange town, she felt slightly uncomfortable wearing clothes that she might have worn as a teenager. Might have worn, if she’d had the confidence, that is. The clinging silk low-cut top, the short leather-effect mini-skirt, and the black 6” stilettos; in her thirties, but she had the figure so it looked good.  She shuffled around a little, imagining the stares she was getting from those around her, and hoped Greg would turn up soon.

This was part of a role play game. They often indulged in games in the privacy of their house; doctors and nurses, teacher and pupil, secretary and boss. This was supposed to be two strangers meeting, and he’d insisted that they should ‘play’ outside for a change. She was quite reticent, but eventually relented, on the proviso that it would be in another town; somewhere far enough away where they wouldn’t be recognised.

But he was half an hour late. She’d emptied her cup about five minutes before, and didn’t want to order another cup.

“Hi Linzi!”

She froze. She recognised the voice as Mike, one of Greg’s colleagues. He had an unmistakable voice, and every time he spoke, she felt tiny tremors through her body.

He sat down opposite her.

“Are you alright?” his face echoed the concern in his voice.

“Ah, yea. I’m fine.” She was feeling even more uncomfortable, and wished Greg would get there.

“Greg asked me to pop by; something’s come up that he has to deal with.”

“Oh. I’d better go then. Thanks.” She got up, tried to pull her skirt hem down a little, and tottered out of the coffee shop, sure, that everyone was watching her as she went. Mike caught up with her.

“Look, why don’t you come back to my place and have a drink. You look a little unsettled, and I only live around the corner.”

She stuttered some excuses, but Mike insisted, so she went along. Within two minutes, they were walking through the door of Mike’s apartment.

“I’d offer you a coffee, but you look like you could do with something a little stronger.”

He smiled. Whenever he smiled, she always felt she’d melted a little.


She nodded.

He poured out her drink, and she noticed it was Courvoisier; her favourite. He passed it over to her, and she took a sip.

“You can sit down you know.”

She sat at one end of a long, leather sofa, and kicked off her shoes; her feet throbbed slightly in relief; she wasn’t used to wearing such high heels.  He sat down close to her, his arm along the backrest near to her. She felt she was shaking a little, but was unsure whether it was because she felt that Greg had humiliated her in a public place, making her wear those clothes, or whether it was because she’d fancied Mike from the first time they’d met at one of Greg’s corporate functions.

She looked around the room as she continued to sip her drink. Though it was definitely masculine in decoration, and he obviously lived here alone, it was remarkably clean and tidy. She continued to look around, trying to avoid his gaze. When he spoke, she felt a jolt inside, even though he spoke softly.

“You have fantastic legs you know.”

She looked at him, pausing before replying.

“Thank you. I try to keep in shape.” She blushed slightly.

“It shows. You have a lovely figure all over, and that outfit really shows it off well,” she felt her face turn scarlet, “though I wouldn’t have thought you’d normally wear that gear.”

“I wouldn’t. Greg wanted me to wear it.”

“Ah!” Mike nodded. “Though I do admit, you look incredibly sexy in it.” She blushed again. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to embarrass you.” He stood up and walked over to the drinks. “Another drink?”

She was about to refuse, but she looked up at Mike; he had his back to her, but she admired his tight butt, and his well-toned torso and arms. She’d worked herself up, readying herself for a session with Greg, only to be left disappointed. And now here she was with a guy she found sexy. The embarrassment faded away, as she decided what she was going to do. After getting worked up, she was going satisfy her desires, and in the process, get her own back on Greg for leaving her high and dry.

“Yes, I think I will have that drink.”

Mike looked around and smiled. “Same again?”


When he turned away from her to pour her drink, she stood, and quietly made her way behind him. He was slightly startled when he turned back to find her right beside him. She took her glass from his hand.

“Thanks.” She smiled at him.

“You’re welcome.” He looked a little unnerved by this turn of events.

She downed her drink, put down her glass, and flickered her hair, before looking him in the eye.

“So,’ she licked her lips suggestively, “what do you like about my outfit?”

He was taken off guard. “Well, er…” He looked her up and down. “Your top fits you very nicely.”

“Oh, yea? In what way?”

He swallowed. “It really shows off your, er…” His breathing had changed, a little. Linzi casually ran her fingers through her hair. “… your figure.” He swallowed again.

She looked down. “Does it make my boobs look good?” She pushed her breasts together, whilst looking at him, turning slightly, so he could see a few angles.

“Ah, yes, indeed. It does. You have a nice, er, cleavage.”

“Why, thank you.” She smiled at him. “Would you like to see more of it?”

He looked a little puzzled, until she pulled the top over her head, revealing her lacy black bra, when his eyes lit up. He seemed to get a little bolder.

“Very nice.” He smiled.

She cocked her head to one side. “Do they still look good?”

“Oh, yes.” A broad grin was developing on his face.

“Good enough to eat?”

He stopped momentarily, before smiling again. “Of course.”

She reached around her back, and unclipped her bra, allowing the straps to slowly drop down her arms, before dropping the bra to the floor. She gave her breasts a squeeze, and licked her lips, before speaking in a soft voice. “And now?”

“Oh, yes.” He breathed out as though he had been holding his breath.

“Go on then.”

She pushed her breasts up towards him. He looked at her breasts, then her face, before he reached out, taking them from her hands, gently squeezing them, rubbing them, and giving her nipples a short squeeze. He then bent down to lick them, one nipple at a time, before putting one boob in his mouth, and sucking and licking ravenously on it; she felt her breasts tingle with the attention from this strange mouth and tongue, and thrust them out a little more. She gasped as she felt his teeth close gently around one of her nipples, and enjoyed the moment briefly, before gently mobbing his head away.

“And what about the skirt?” she looked in his eyes. “What does my skirt do for me?”

He looked down. “Well. It emphasised the soft curves of your hips from your waist, and is short enough to show your legs off well.”

“So you like my legs?”

“Well, yes. They’re lovely.”

“Would you like to see more of them?”

Mike smiled, putting his hands around her waist. “May I?”

She nodded, and he undid the skirt, allowing it to fall on the floor, revealing her lacy G-string.

“Hmm. Nice.” He said, looking down.

She moved away from him a little, and gave him a twirl.

“Do they still look good to you?”

“Oh yes. From every angle.”

She walked back over to the sofa, and put her shoes back on.

“And do they look longer like this?” She walked back over to him.


She put her arms around his neck, and looked into his eyes, before hooking one leg around his waist.

“And would you like to feel my legs?”

His hand moved down to stroke her raised thigh and calf.  She pulled his head down to whisper in his ear.

“Would you like to feel my legs, around … your… shoulders?”

She realised his head, and Mike took a deep breath in, before smiling.

She lay on the sofa, and removed her G-string, revealing a beautifully bald pussy. She parted her legs, and rubbing her groin with one hand, she beckoned Mike forward toward her pussy. He followed her direction, and began to lick her between her legs, licking and sucking her clitoris, kissing around the opening to her vagina, and thrusting his tongue in as deep as he could.

She felt an excitement building inside her with the feel of his soft tongue in her; she’d never had a one night stand, and wasn’t in the habit of just jumping into bed with strangers. But having someone she hardly knew paying her pussy such attention added to the whole experience.

His oral skills were good. Very good, in fact. She and Greg may have spiced up their love life with games and suchlike, but certain things seemed too mechanical now. Maybe Greg was too caught up in his own pleasures to think about hers.

She felt the pressure building up, and Mike moved his attention wholly to her clitoris, clamping his mouth over her as she began to tremble. She grabbed his head, and held it in place, to make sure he didn’t stop; she didn’t know when she’d be getting anything like this again, and she was determined to make the most of it, even if it made her whole body ache.

As the orgasm subsided, she released his head. He moved up and kissed her on the mouth; she could taste her own sweet juices on him, and it turned her on a little more.

She put her hands on his chest, and peeled off his t-shirt. He definitely looked after himself, as his chest was well toned, and bald. She started by kissing around his neck, and down his chest, savouring his nipples on her way down. She pushed him back on the sofa, and groped his cock through the material of his trouser. She felt the bulge begin to grow, so she unbuckled his belt, and quickly pulled his trousers down. His cock was still slightly flaccid, but she knew that wouldn’t last long.

She licked around it, along it, around his balls; they tasted slightly salty. She gently pushed his thighs apart, to gain better access, and then slowly enveloped his manhood in her mouth. Fully grown, it wasn’t quite as long as Greg’s, but it was wider, and though she anticipated feeling it stretching her pussy walls, she continued to pleasure him with her mouth.

Up and down the shaft she worked with her mouth, gently massaging his balls. He started to moan a little, which turned her on even more; the sound of his soft, deep voice again sending tremors through her. She worked a little faster up and down his cock with her mouth, until it ached a little, when she moved back to licking his shaft from the side, and his balls, while her hand stroked up and down his shaft, maintaining his erection.

Then she came to the point where she couldn’t wait any longer; she had to have him inside her.

She quickly climbed onto him, and guiding his cock, lowered her pussy over it. She was so wet, it slid right in, and she felt her insides being stretch a little by his girth. Her hands on his chest, and her knees either side of him on the sofa, she slid lower, and lower, down his shaft, until he was completely inside. The feeling made her a little breathless, so she waited for a moment or two, before starting riding his cock, slowly at first, until she knew she could take him at speed.

She still felt his cock pushing against her walls, even though she accommodated him well, but it was a pleasurable sensation. His hands started to roam around her body; around her waist, over her belly, squeezing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, squeezing her thighs; his hands seemed to go everywhere, adding to her excitement. His pelvis started to thrust in time with her, and she started to ride harder, and faster; she gripped onto the tops of his arms, as she felt close to another climax, and moved her pelvis up and down, forwards and backwards, around and around, trying to hit the spot that would trigger her again.

And then she found it; her whole body trembled, and she felt herself involuntarily squeezing his cock. Her breathing became shallow and quickened, and she trembled from head to toe. She arched her back, to enjoy the sensation more, before the feeling subsided; it was quick, but it was intense.

She felt his cock had reacted to her orgasm, and quickly moved off, to sit between his legs, ready to receive him, her breasts pressed around his balls, and alternating between licking and sucking his cock. He groaned and sat up; she knew what was coming. She stop licking, and massaged the cock. He came, with a jerk, the sperm flying over her chest. She continued to massage the remainder of his cream out, and when she was quite sure he was done, she licked her fingers clean, and mopped up the liquid from her chest with her hand, again licking her hands clean, and swallowed.

Mike lay there, still breathless.

“Mind if I use your bathroom?”

“Sure. Go ahead. Do you need anything?”

She paused and thought.

“Yea. I could do with my other clothes. They’re in my car; I don’t want to be dressed up as a tart again.”

“No problem.”

He quickly drew on some trousers and a shirt, and she gave him her keys, letting him know where she’d parked. Before she went of to shower, he gave her a hug.

“You know,” he said, “you really are a wonderful woman. Exceptional. Do you think you’re wasting your time with Greg?”

“At times I do wonder,” she replied. “But he’s good most of the time.”

She went and had a shower, removing the last of the sticky stuff from her body.

Mike had returned by the time she was out of the shower, and she dressed into her more comfortable clothes, and packed away her tarty outfit.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, and she sat on the sofa, while Mike brought over a cup of coffee. They chatted for a while, before the doorbell rang. Mike answered it; it was Greg. Linzi thought it best to treat him coolly.

“Sorry, sweetheart. Problem in the office. I hope Mike’s been looking after you alright.”

“He’s been a perfect gentleman. Unlike you,” she replied curtly.

Greg twitched. “Look, sorry.”


“Hey, you’d always fantasised about having two guys; how about it?” Greg laughed. Linzi stared at him.

“I don’t think so. Perhaps some fantasies should stay just that!”

Greg looked a little sheepish. He could only muster a pathetic “sorry!”

Back at home, Greg was still trying to redeem himself.

“Look, I was only joking when I suggested the threesome!”

“You had me dressed up as a tart, and then you suggested a threesome! How does that make me look to other people? What will Mike think of me? How do you think that makes me feel?”

She was getting a little angry again.

“Look, I said I’m sorry for letting you down. I could get in touch because you didn’t have your phone, that’s why I asked Mike to meet you, so you wouldn’t be too embarrassed on your own. And he’d never have had a threesome, you’re not his type!”

She slowly turned around to face him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s not you, love, it’s him. He doesn’t like women.”

She was a little stunned. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, he’s gay.”

“How do you know? Has he propositioned you or something?”

“No way. He’s not like that. But he’s quite open about being gay.”

“So he’d never go out with a woman?”

“He’s said not. Unless the woman was really special. Exceptional was the word he used. I think he had someone in mind”

“Oh, really? I wonder who that could be.”

Inwardly, Linzi beamed.



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