Joey’s story

Joey sat, watching the action from behind the cameras. He wasn’t happy.

Jenny and Callum were in front of the cameras, getting ready for their scene.

Joey knew what his love did for a living, but he didn’t want to be confronted with it like this. Jenny winked and smiled at him; he broke eye contact, looking at the lighting guy setting up one of the bright lights that would be emphasising every nuance of his lover’s body for the camera.

As the director called ‘action’, Joey watched the two stars get to work, his jaw set firm, teeth clenched. Why couldn’t they have just met up afterwards? Why did he have to come here to watch? To be humiliated?

They peeled each other’s clothes off, and Jenny began to lick up and down Callum’s shaft, coaxing it into life. Joey shifted in his seat a little uncomfortably, as Callum’s cock began to throb and swell, rising at Jenny’s attentions.

As Callum’s cock reached its fully swollen state, Jenny put her lips around it, teasing the tip, and massaging his balls with her hand. Joey crossed his legs.

Jenny took in the whole of Callum’s sizable manhood into her mouth, slowly sliding down it, making loud slurping noises as she did. Joey winced; was it really necessary for her to do that, exaggerating her joy at feasting on that cock!

Joey was a little relieved when the cameraman moved around for a close up, blocking his view, but she just stepped up her vocalisations, making Joey feel more uncomfortable.

The director called ‘cut’, but she continued in for a few moments. The director asked her to tone it down a bit; Joey was convinced she was doing it for his benefit, to embarrass him. And it did. He didn’t want to be here, he’d wanted to go on to the restaurant, and not be forced to watch his lover in this situation.

The make up girl was called onto set – Jenny was getting a little shiny under the lights. After a quick touch up, they resumed the oral, Callum’s cock having hardly gone down any at all. But Joey was able to avoid having to watch as the makeup girl came over and chatted to him.

She was a pretty girl, mid-20’s, and could probably have starred in some of these films in her own right. They kept their conversation quiet, facing the other way.

“Oh come on, big boy, and come and fuck my hot, wet pussy with your fucking big cock!” Jenny called out loudly.

They both looked around to watch.

The director called “Cut!”

Joey knew she was doing it to get at him.

Shooting resumed with Callum entering Jenny, slowly at first, until he was all the way in. Jenny moaned as he went in deeper, and deeper. Joey watched as Callum began, slowly at first, increasing his speed and depth of thrust, as he fucked Jenny. Jenny and Callum both grunted with each thrust, and both began to perspire; Joey thought the usually cool studio was getting warmer, uncomfortably so.

The cameraman moved around, getting different angles; Jenny’s breasts bouncing; Callum’s cock in her cunt; her facial expression; his. They seemed to be at it for ages.

The director called “Cut!” again, and rearranged them. Jenny began to lube up for an anal scene; Joey really didn’t want to watch.

Shooting resumed again, and Callum slowly sunk into her anus; Jenny groaned as he did. Callum gripped her hips as he began to push in and out. Joey winced.

The cameraman moved in to get a close up of Callum penetrating her, and she groaned, a little too over-enthusiastically Joey thought.

“Oh, yea, you’re fucking my ass baby!” she exclaimed, as she tried to wriggle within Callum’s grip.

Joey rolled his eyes and looked away.

“I love your big cock in my ass!” she moaned.

Everyone else’s eyes were watching the scene, but Joey didn’t want to watch his lover at work.

After a few more takes they were onto the money shot; Callum came all over Jenny’s face and into her waiting open mouth. She made a big show of slowly licking Callum’s cock clean, all the while looking at Joey with a salacious look in her eye. She wiped his ejaculate slowly of her face, and then licked them slowly clean, still looking at Joey; Joey just regarded his hands.

After a few words with the director, Jenny walked over to Joey, with Callum behind her. She grabbed Callum’s cock, and as she stroked it looked at Joey, a wicked glint in her eye.

“How about I play with my two favourite boys tonight?” she said.

She reached to stroke Joey’s face, but Joey stood quickly.

“I’ll see you back in the car,” he said, as he strode out of the studio.

Joey was fuming. He got into the car and sat, waiting. After a few minutes, the passenger door opened.

“Next time, can we just meet at the restaurant?” Joey said. “I know what you do, but I don’t want it in my face.”


Joey was shaking his head, annoyed.

“That was humiliating,” he spat.

Joey felt a hand reach for his face, and pulled his head around to look into a pair of sympathetic eyes. Joey relaxed a little.

“Can we just go home?” he suggested.


The studio door opened, and Jenny blew a kiss; Joey was a little irritated, but was happy to be driving home with Callum in the passenger seat.


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