Bad Credit

Max sat slowly drinking the remainder of his espresso. His wife had returned to the hotel, to bath and bed their little one, and Max had stayed behind to pay the bill, and also gain a few minutes of peace.

They’d arranged this trip to Paris to try and sort things out. But only a couple of days in, and they just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

He drained the last of his coffee, and signalled the waitress; a lovely looking girl. Her olive complexion, the way her hair rolled over her shoulders, the way her blouse was shaped to fit and emphasize both her waist, and her breasts, and those pin-striped trousers that showed off the curves from her waist down her hips, and elongated her legs, compensating for the fact that she was wearing flat soled shoes. He found her adorable. Or perhaps it was the fact that she was a foreign girl that made her more appealing. He wasn’t sure, but at the moment in time, he’d much rather have her company, than returning to the hotel room and his wife.


“L’addition, si vous plait.”

Max’s French was fairly rudimentary, but he felt in a foreign country he should always make an effort, even if the locals do speak English exceptionally well.

He watched the waitress walk away, or rather, he watched the way her derriere wiggled as she walked away, and sighed. She returned with the bill, and placed it on the table, giving him a smile. He returned the smile, though he was sure it wasn’t as lovely as hers, and again, watched her derriere wiggle away, before checking the amount. He retrieved his wallet, and looked inside; all there was there was a twenty Euro note. Damn! She always seemed to take money without saying a word, leaving him embarrassed at the most inconvenient of times. He didn’t want to use his cards, but there was no alternative. He left his card on the tray on top of the bill, and stared out of the window, watching nothing in particular, lost in his own thoughts.

“Monseiur? Monsieur?”

The waitress interrupted his reverie. Max looked up.

“Je regrette-”

“Sorry! En Anglais, si vous plait!”

“Ah, yes, monsieur.”

He found her accented English quite sexy. “Your carte… not works.”

She handed over his card, which Max looked at, before looking back. The bank would be closed now, so he couldn’t even telephone, but he knew there should have been enough available to pay.

“I’m sorry, I only have twenty Euros, and nothing else to pay with.”

“No autre cartes?”

“No cards. I can pay tomorrow.”

She shook her head.

“Non! You pay now!”


Before he could say any more, she took his arm, and led him through to the kitchens. Luckily, the restaurant was quite quiet, so it wasn’t too embarrassing for him. She got an apron and tied it around him. Even through his annoyance, Max enjoyed her arms around him, as she tied the apron up. She then took him to the sink, and indicated he should wash up. Max nodded, and got to work, washing dishes, cutlery, and scrubbing pans. He would have to call the bank in the morning, but in the meantime, he resigned himself to washing dishes.

The waitress popped in from time to time, with more dishes, or to get something from the cupboards. She seemed to bend down an awful lot close by; either Max had a view of that lovely bottom as she bent over, she crouched down facing him, allowing him to see her cleavage down the front of her blouse, which she had unbuttoned a little more than it had been earlier. He wasn’t sure whether she was intentionally flirting with him, or just being nice in an awkward situation; she allowed him a break from his duties when she brought him a drink, and sat with him, while she ate a piece of fruit; the way she ate was, as Max saw it, quite provocative, slowly biting in, carefully chewing and savouring the taste, and finally swallowing; the whole ensemble making a symphony of sensual eating. Max took his place back at the sink, partly to get it over and done with as quickly as possible, and partly to hide his growing ‘excitement.’

Once he was finally sure he had finished all the washing up, he removed the apron, and turned to face the door. The waitress rushed through with a jug of water, and tripping slightly, she spilled the water down the front of his trousers.

“Ah, monsieur! I am so sorry!”

She grabbed a towel, and started to rub Max’s wet patch, around his groin, with it. Max felt himself rising to the occasion again, so he took the towel from her. She looked at the damp patch.

“They are too wet! I will hang them to dry.”

Before Max could say or do anything, she unfastened his belt and dropped his trousers, getting him to step out of them. Max wrapped the small towel around him, while she hung his trouser close to one of the still hot ovens. He noticed that the rest of the staff had left, and it was just her and he left in the kitchen. She looked down again at him, and saw him try to hide himself.

“I am sorry, but I will need the towel.”

Max begin to protest, but she continued.

“It seems you are still wet.”

She quickly removed his boxer shorts, and began to gently rub his cock and balls with the towel.

“Is that better?” She looked up and smiled.

Max smiled back.

“Mais oui, madamemoiselle!”

She laughed, before removing the towel, and she started to kiss around his cock and balls, gently, sweetly, with those lovely full lips of hers. Max leaned back against the table, relaxing to enjoy, or rather, to savour this wholly pleasant experience. Perhaps he would phone the bank, and thank them.

Looking up at him again, she pulled back his foreskin, and slowly licked the tip of his steadily rising manhood. She licked around the glans, treating it almost like a delicious lollipop, before slowly easing between her soft lips. Max smiled, enjoying the sensation of his tip moving slowly into her mouth. She moved her head away, and moved her lips down the side of his shaft, flicking lightly with her tongue as she proceeded. With his erection at its full height, she accessed his balls easily, sucking them in her mouth, licking them, flitting from one to the other. Max continued to look down, smiling, watching this beautiful creature slurping on his testicles. He reached down and gently stroked her head, his fingers running through her hair.

She returned to licking his end, this time a little more greedily. She then sank his cock again into her mouth, this time moving all the way down his shaft, gagging slightly as she reached the end. Max sighed. She moved along his shaft a few times, up and down, whilst unbuttoning her blouse, and removing her bra.

She moved off his cock, leaving it moist from her saliva, and knelt up, placing his cock between her breasts. She rubbed them up and down the sides of his cock, and looking up, she asked “That is nice?”

“Oh, yes!” he grinned.

She continued rubbing, licking or kissing the tip when it emerged from her bosom. Then she stopped again. She stood up in front of him, kicked her shoes off, and unbuttoned her trousers, and let them drop, before stepping out, revealing her lacy booty-shorts.

Max looked approvingly, before moving forward. He put his arms around her, pulled her in close, and for the first time, tasted those soft, full lips of hers, in a long, passionate kiss. She unbuttoned his shirt, opened it, allowing her naked breasts to press against his hairy chest. Max took off the shirt completely, before moving down, kissing her neck, to taste her nicely tanned, soft breasts.

It was his turn to greedily suck on her, sucking her large nipples in his mouth, and flicking them hard with his tongue; He heard her take a sharp intake of breath, and smiled to himself, knowing that she was enjoying this as much as he was. He swapped from left to right, sucking on one, and gently fondling the other, occasionally pinching her nipples; she reacted each time he did, and looking up, he saw her pupils dilating, and felt her goose bumps rise as he did so.

He moved down to her groin, gently lapping at her pussy between her slightly parted legs.


She moved his head up and kissed him again. Then she climbed up on the preparation table, and lay back, her knees up, holding her ankles, to allow him unhindered access to her swollen pussy. He moved in, licking her clit, and after licking his finger, he slowly inserted it into her pussy. Her breathing changed, and he continued pushing his finger gently inside her, licking her clit, and stroking her thigh with his other hand. He then tried two fingers, and then three. He raised his head, and looked up at her. She glanced down, and he removed his finger and licked them to taste her sweet, sticky juices. She smiled at him, as he made a meal out of licking his fingers. Maintaining eye contact, she reached for his hand, lent forward, and licked her juices off his fingers, lovingly, sensually, erotically. Max had heard of toe sucking, but he’d never had his fingers licked and sucked in such a manner.

She eased herself off the table, and bent down to lick and suck Max’s cock a little more, ensuring he was fully hard again. Holding on to his erection, she bent over the table, slightly parting her legs, and guided Max in to her. She moaned a little as he first entered her, and Max appreciated the tight, warm pussy around his cock. He slowly moved in, all the way, and she gripped the sides of the table, moaning all the way. He held his place, fully inserted to the hilt, enjoying the sight of her in front of him; her waist was pronounced, her arms seemed quite dainty, but toned, and her derriere was sumptuous.

She looked around with a puzzled expression, and started to wriggle her pelvis; Max knew what she wanted, but he stayed still for a little while longer, enjoying the sensations her wriggling were bringing about. She was tensing and relaxing her vagina wall muscles, and he almost felt as though she were trying to milk him inside her.

She moaned again, slightly frustrated.


He withdrew his manhood slightly, and thrust it in, then out, and thrust in. It was a long time since he’d last enjoyed a woman in this way. He wanted it to last, but like a small boy, he couldn’t wait for his dessert. His thrustings became quicker, and quicker, but he tried to maintain a steady pace. The waitress was moaning, and one of her hands had slipped down to give herself some clitoral stimulation; he could also feel her fingers by his cock, rubbing herself furiously. He decided to give her an extra bit of stimulation.

He started off massaging her buttocks, as though kneading dough. Then he licked his thumb and fingers, and started to massage her arsehole with his thumb; her arse looked delicious, splayed in front of him like that. Her moans became an almost continuous sound, rising in volume and pitch slightly. He resisted the urge to quicken his pace of thrusting in and out, and pressed a little harder with his thumb, rubbing around a little. Then carefully inserting a finger, he pushed it in deep, slowly and carefully; he could feel his cock moving in and out of her pussy, and her rubbing seemed to get even more frantic.

She began to shake. It started from her pelvis, and quickly enveloped her whole body. To Max it felt amazing, as he continued his stroke, in and out, trying to keep the same pace. She stopped rubbing herself, and he felt her muscles tightening and relaxing around his cock. She moved his hand away from her arse, and breathlessly pushed him out, before turning around, and like a hungry woman, devoured his cock, licking, sucking, and rubbing, as frantically as she had been rubbing herself. Max had to lean against the table to keep his balance, and then he felt his knees wobble, before his cock started to jerk. She looked up, a glint in her eyes, and moaned. She continued to suck and lick, even when Max squirted his cream hard into her mouth, she carried on, milking every last drop out of him.

She licked his whole cock clean, of all of their combined juices. He saw her swallow, and she smiled, allowing a dribble to drop down on her chest. Max picked her up, licked the drops from her chest, and then kissed her again; they exchanged what liquids they had left between them, savouring the tastes, before both swallowed.

She led him to a small cubicle, which contained a shower. He showered, and on coming out, she was already dressed, holding a towel. She towelled him dry, and then brought his now dry clothes. She then went off and busied herself cleaning the table top, ensuring everything was in order for the following day, leaving Max to dress himself quickly.

He thanked her.

“Non, non! You ‘ave paid for your meal” she replied with a smile.

She escorted him outside, and locked up the shop. Max went to kiss her, but she moved, so he caught her cheek. They said their “Au revoirs” and went their separate ways.

Max felt a little giddy. He returned to the hotel room, thankful his wife was already asleep.

The next day, he told his wife how he’d had to wash dishes, as his card had bounced. He phoned the bank, but they only affirmed the funds were there and available.

A few evenings later, they returned to the restaurant. The same waitress was there, and she greeted them with the same, lovely smile. She brought a bottle of wine over, and told them their meal would be on the house, as there had been a problem with their card reader the other night. Although she was still friendly, helpful, and charming, he felt she wasn’t quite the same as she was the other evening.

They finished their meal, and Max stayed a while longer again, whilst his wife took their young one back to the hotel room. He watched the waitress, mesmerised by her wiggle, thinking back to her wriggle on the table. He wondered what the other customers might think if they knew what had gone on in the kitchen a few nights earlier.

He was distracted slightly by a commotion; behind him, the waitress was talking to an attractive American woman. He listened in; all her cards had been refused, and with no Euros, she would have to wash dishes. Max chuckled to himself, drained his coffee, stood up, and left. He wondered what might be prepared on that table tonight.


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