The Game

Dom was fed up. The day at work seemed long, and he hadn’t heard from Jen all day; she hadn’t even called in the morning to wish him a happy birthday! His journey home was miserable, the weather appalling; everything was conspiring against him.

He made his way up the stairs to his flat. Fumbling around in his pockets, he discovered he had forgotten his keys. Typical! Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, and they always do!

He slumped with his back against his door, and slithered down to sit on the floor. He got out his phone to call Jen, to find his battery was flat.

He heard someone unlocking the door; before he’d had time to react, he’d fallen backwards, and ended up sprawled on the floor, looking up along a pair of legs.

“Enjoying the view, birthday boy?”

“Oh, hi Jen!”

He was overwhelmed with relief.

“So are you going to lie there all night, or shall we start celebrating your birthday?” she asked, smiling down at him.

Dom smiled back, and got up off the floor.

“I was beginning to think you’d forgotten,” he said, following her into the lounge.

“Hell, no!” she said. “Especially as I’ve a special surprise lined up for you!”

Dom shrugged his coat of, slinging it over the back of a chair. It was only when he was about to sit down, when he spotted her.

“Happy Birthday Dom!”

Dom just looked at her; sat on his sofa was a tall, slim blonde, wearing a miniskirt, which showed off her legs to their best advantage, a very small top, which barely covered her pert breasts, and the kind of blue eyes that a man could drown in.

“I’ve told you about Ange before, haven’t I?” said Jen, as she filled Ange’s wine glass.

Ange? Ange? Ange… Of course! Jen’s nympho mate… Or at least, that was the way Jen had described her to him.

“Oh, pleased to meet you!” said Dom, a little surprised.

Jen handed Dom a glass, and poured him a drink, while whispering in his ear.

“Well, you always said you liked blondes…”

Dom couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. It was a dream come true, though perhaps she was testing him. Dom decided to play it carefully, and not push his luck at all.

Ange stood, and took Dom’s other arm.

“Won’t you sit down, and make yourself comfortable?” she purred.

Dom looked wide-eyed at Jen, and sat. Jen just gave him a wide grin.

He sat, and the girls sat either side of him, both gently stroking his arms. A brunette on his left, a blonde on his right; this was a fantasy he’d had, and now it seemed to be becoming reality, he was getting a little nervous. Would it live up to his expectations?

“You seem a little tense,” Ange said, moving him around to gently massage his shoulders. “let’s see if we can relieve some of that… tension.”

Jen turned, un-tucked his shirt from his trousers, and loosened his belt. She started to massage his thighs gently.

“Is that nice?” asked Jen.

“Yeeeessss!” Dom drawled, still a little uncertain. He was still wondering what the catch was going to be.

Ange stopped suddenly.

“You still need to relax a bit,” she said. How about a game to relax us all.

“What kind of game?” Dom asked, suspiciously. His mind wandered back to the games of strip poker that he and his mates used to play with some hapless girl. The games were, of course, rigged, so the girl lost everything; he began to wonder if Ange had been one of their ‘victims,’ and if she’d told Jen, perhaps the two of the were looking for revenge.

“A guessing game!”

Dom was at the same time slightly relieved, and slightly disappointed.

“Sounds interesting!” Jen exclaimed. “What do we do?”

“Well we’ll take it in turns,” Ange explained. “Dom first, then me, and then you, Jen.”

“One of us is blindfolded, and the other two do something to them, but only one at once. It could be a kiss, a lick, a caress; any kind of contact, but the blindfolded person has to guess which one it is.”

Dom was beginning to get drawn in.

“What happens if you guess right? Does it move onto the next person?” Dom asked.

“No, it moves on to the next ‘level’ if you like; something a little nicer, a little more,” she paused, licking her lips, “sensual.”

“That could be fun!” said Jen, grinning widely. “And what if you get it wrong?”

“Well, that can be fun too!” Ange grinned at Jen. “Then there’s a forfeit of some description. It could be a little slap, or you might have to do something to please one of us. We’ll decide as we go along.” Ange winked.

While the prospect of being played with by two attractive women appealed, Dom still had his reservations.

“I’m not sure about being blindfolded,” he said. Shall we start with one of you first?”

“That’s part of the fun,” said Ange. Otherwise, you’d know who was doing what, and that would be cheating! Besides, I don’t think Jen would allow anything bad to happen. Do you?”

Dom had been put into a corner; if he didn’t go along with them, it would be as good as saying he didn’t trust Jen.

“Ok, then,” he said, still sounding a little unsure.

“It’ll only be a blindfold, we’ll not tie you up or anything. And if at anytime you’re unsure of what’s going on, you can always take it off.”

Dom felt better.

“But,” Ange continued. “If you peek at any other time,” her tone darkened, “you … will … be … punished … properly.”

Dom looked at Ange in the eye; her gaze was steely, and he wasn’t going to cross her. All he could manage was a feeble “Ok!”

Ange changed back into her brighter self again.

“Good! Then let’s get your blindfold on!”

Ange gently put the blindfold over his eyes, and carefully fastened it around the back of his head.

“Can you see anything?” asked Jen.

Dom couldn’t.


“Good,” said Ange. “Now we’ll have some fun.”

He felt a pair of hands start to massage his shoulders; the tension seemed to melt away this time.

“Ange!” he said.

“Aw,” she said, sounding a little disappointed. “You could have waited a little longer!”

“How about if he can only answer once we’ve asked? Otherwise we don’t give him a nice, slow build up,” Jen suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” answered Ange.

Dom felt a pair of hands slowly unbuttoning his shirt, and stroking his slightly hairy chest. Ange spoke softly into his ear.

“So who did that?”


“Well done. Is this beginners’ luck,” she said, laughing slightly.

He then felt a pair of hands, pushing his shirt further open, and soft lips kissing around his nipples, with the occasional flick from a tongue. After a minute, it stopped. This time Jen spoke in his other ear.

“So who was that?”


“Well done! Now take your shirt off completely, before we go onto the next bit.”

Dom was beginning to like this game more and more. He wondered when he’d get to play it again.

He removed his shirt, as requested, and sat, waiting for something to happen. It wasn’t long before a pair of hands started to stroke his back, with kisses making their way, slowly down his spine. After a longer kiss at the small of his back, Ange asked the question again.


“Hmmm.,” Ange sounded a little disappointed again. “He seems to be doing a little too well… Are you sure you can’t see anything?”

Dom couldn’t. After a short pause, Ange spoke again.

“Well I guess he can’t.”

He felt his someone at his feet, fumbling with his laces, before removing his shoes, and then his socks. A pair of thumbs pressed into his sole, massaging his feet; something he’d never had done before. It was oddly relaxing, and not ticklish at all.

Then the rubbing stopped, and Jen spoke.

“So, who was that?”


He knew, as Jen had never done that to him before.

Ange spoke up.

“I know what he’s doing.”

“What?” ask Jen.

“If you speak, he knows it’s me, if I speak, he knows it’s you. Perhaps you should do all the talking, so he can’t tell who.”

“Ok then,” replied Jen. “Dom, lie down. Ange, are you ready?”


He felt a pair of lips on his, teasing with the tongue around his lips, but not quite touching enough for a kiss, despite Dom’s efforts to meet them. The contact stopped, and Jen spoke.

“So was that me, or was that Ange? Blonde, or brunette?”

Dom wasn’t sure. “Blonde?”

The girls cheered. “Wrong!”

“What should be his forfeit?” asked Jen.

“I think he should hear us making out for a minute,” suggested Ange. “But if you look, you’ll regret it. Understand?”

Dom nodded. Then he heard the sound of wet kisses, and moans. Their breathing got heavier, and he heard the sound of hands stroking flesh. His imagination ran wild at what he might see, yet he stuck to his word, and kept on the blindfold. It seemed to go on for ages; a good torture indeed.

A breathless Jen sighed before speaking again.

“Ok. What next.”

Someone took his hand, and took on of his fingers into their mouth. It was warm and wet, yet the felling of the slight suction, and the tongue rolling around it was quite pleasurable. It finished, and Jen asked again.


“Yes,” replied Ange. “Perhaps you should only ask the question, and we shouldn’t even tell him if he’s right or wrong. Then it’ll be a surprise for him.”

“That sounds like a good idea, said Jen. “Back in a moment.”

He heard her rattling around in the kitchen and cupboards, before she returned. He heard the shaking of a liquid in a canister, and then he heard the sound of whipped cream being squirted out, just before he felt it on his belly. A tongue then got to work, clearing it up, occasionally dipping into his naval.

When he was clear of cream (he guessed), Jen spoke.

“Blonde or brunette?”


He felt the belt being removed, and feared the worst. His trousers were then unfastened, and lowered down his thighs, and off. The same with his trunks. Then he felt a light touch up his calves, and then his thighs.

“Blonde or brunette?”


“Turn over.”

He did as Jen had asked, facing down on the sofa. He felt a hand slap his buttocks quite hard; it stung for a short while.

Then he felt something brushing against his back. There was hair, but it could have been either of them, as they both had quite long hair. But there was also the soft, fleshy feel of a breast. Not something Jen had done before, but didn’t think Ange’s would feel like that.

“Blonde or brunette?”


He was treated to another series of kisses, around his neck, and a tongue exploring his ear, around the lobe, and gently probing inside. Then the action stopped, and Jen’s voice was by his ear.

“Blonde or brunette?”


“Turn over.”

He did as requested, and then felt a hand squeezing his balls, and then running up and down the length of his shaft. Then he felt his cock being slowly enveloped by a mouth, and as it moved further and further down, the tongue played with his tip; Dom jerked a little, and then pushed his pelvis up slightly, to try and get deeper penetration, but the hands pushed him down again, before the mouth was removed from his manhood.

A few moments later, Jen asked the question.


He felt his thighs being pushed apart, and a tongue started to lick under his balls, flicking each one occasionally, and licking along the creases, finishing off with a few soft kisses down the inside of his thigh. Then a slight pause.

“Blonde or brunette?”


“Stick your tongue out; you’re going to have to please one of us for that!”

Dom opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. He felt the sofa move as some knelt over his head, and then felt a pussy being lowered gently over him. He started licking; he tried to find the clit, and licked that for a short while, and then moved his tongue around, finding her pussy, and then probing her pussy, and licking her clit; probing her pussy then licking her clit.

Above his head, he heard something, and then Jen’s voice.

“Come on! You can do better than that!”

He took longer strokes, making everything around the inside of her thighs very damp with his saliva. He licked the creases between the legs, he licked the clit, he lick and probed her pussy, which tasted a little of cherry. He was getting incredibly turned on at the thought of his girlfriend watching, and encouraging him with another woman.

He felt her move a little, and she pressed down a little harder. And then she started to shake a little; her moans were muffled. He knew she was coming because of his tongue, and that turned him on.

Then she moved off, and then someone took their place between his legs. He felt them move down on his cock again, but this time, they left something behind; someone had put a condom on him, using their mouth. They continued their oral work, sliding up and down the shaft, before moving off.

“Blonde or brunette?”


“Sit up.”

He did as he was told again, and felt a body straddle him; they grabbed his cock, and guided it into a warm pussy. Then he felt a pair of breasts pressing against his chest, as she started working away, massaging his cock with her pussy. Up and down, up and down, she started bouncing; he could hear her breasts slapping around a bit, when they weren’t rubbing his chest. He definitely knew who this was. He reached his arms around her back, but was slapped down. He felt the blood coursing through his manhood, and thought it wouldn’t be long; but she then dismounted, somewhat breathlessly.

After a pause, the question again.

“Blonde or brunette?”


“Stand up, and keep your hands behind your back; no touching, or you might guess.”

Again, Dom did as he was told.

He felt a hand pulling gently at his cock; he couldn’t help put follow. The condom was removed, and replaced, and then guided home again, with a pelvis pushing back and forth a little. He got the hint, and with his hands clasped firmly behind his back, for fear of temptation, he started to pound away at this mysterious pussy. Again he heard muffled moans, but that would no doubt to be because they didn’t want him to know whose screams they were. Either that or, perhaps she was going down on the other girl. That though caused his cock to twitch and jerk; he thrust even harder picturing the scene in his mind, and he felt it welling up inside him. It wouldn’t be long… before … he … would…

He was pushed back, and the condom quickly removed, replaced by a mouth. The mouth sucked and sucked, and a hand massaged his balls. Up and down the shaft the lips went, until he was about to explode. The mouth moved away, a moment before he shot. The hand slowly squeezed his cock, pushing every last drop out.

“You can take off your blindfold and watch if you like,” said Jen.

Dom didn’t need to be asked twice. He took it off and looked down. There was Jen’s face, her mouth with his seed dripping out of it, and licking the last drops off his cock.

He smiled, and sighed happily.

“That was great,” he said.

He looked around the room, but Ange was no where to be seen. He looked back at Jen, but before he could ask, she answered the question on his mind.

“She left when I got the whipped cream.”

“Ah! I wondered why you were banging and clattering in the kitchen.”

Jen laughed. “I had to cover the noise of her leaving.”

They slumped down together on the sofa.

“That’s a shame.”

Jen looked at him, slightly sternly. “Why?”

“I was quite looking forward to your turn, when she would be doing everything to you, and I could sit back and watch!” Dom laughed.

Jen hit him with a cushion, before replying.

“That’s for my birthday!”



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