Coffee Stains

Al drove home, quietly chuckling to himself. That jerk at the office thought he’d managed to get one over on him, ‘accidentally’ knocking the coffee to spill over Al. Little did he know…

He pulled into the drive, wondering if he’d bump into his cleaner. Cleaner was probably overstretching it, as she seemed to only just do what was required. He should get rid of her, and get someone in to do the job properly, but she was just too damned cute, and when he worked from home, he liked peering over his screen, watching her bend down in the short tight skirt as she dusted the coffee table.

He opened the front door. It didn’t seem there was anyone around. He dashed up to his bedroom, undressed, put his coffee-stained clothes by the door, and popped into the bathroom to have a quick shower; but as he walked in, he heard the shower running.

He peered around the door, and saw her, in his shower, groaning quietly. Her eyes were closed, and with one hand she was fondling her breast, while the other was rubbing gently between her legs.

”Oh yes! Yes please!”

He watched, slightly jealous of whoever she was thinking of, wishing it were he, but he continued to watch, fascinated, and aroused. He started to fondle himself, as he watched this beautiful creature getting herself off in his shower.

It must have been a few moments before he realised, she was calling his name; he stopped at the realisation. Then he moved quietly, entering the shower cubicle behind her.

She stopped momentarily when she felt his first kiss on her neck. Then as his hands began to gently stroke her sides, she relaxed a little, reaching behind to stroke his already erect cock. He reached around to cup her breasts, and then stroked her erect nipples gently. She responded by pushing her bum back onto him, and grinding it against his cock. He reached around and pulled her in closer, kissing further around her neck, whilst she raised her arms to pull his head closer.

She let out a low moan, before pulling away slightly, and turning around to face him, and then pulling his head down; her lips met, and they kissed, softly at first, and then with more passion as their desires came to the fore, pulling each other in tighter and tighter, their tongues penetrating each other’s mouths, kissing deeper and deeper; their hands explored each others body while they kissed, and the sensations were heightened by the water gushing over them from the shower.

Al kissed his way down to her breasts; her wonderfully shaped breasts with those large nipples, and licked and sucked them. How he had dreamed about taking them in his hands and mouth, and now he was doing it for real. She thrust them out towards him a little more, leaning back against the wall; she was feeling a little light-headed with his attentions. She to had longed for the day he would take her, and now her fantasy was becoming real, and better than she thought.

He moved further down, kissing her belly, down past her trimmed bush, and started to lap between her legs, searching for her clitoris with his tongue. She gasped slightly, and moved her pelvis out slightly, allowing him further access. She was already slightly moist, and he licked her juices mixed with the water, savouring the slightly sweet taste. She groaned a little, and held his head, pushing it towards her slightly, and trying to move her groin to just the right spot, to get the best from his work.

The water ran down her body, clinging to her skin, and dripped down onto Al, who was enjoying her pussy. And she was enjoying his tongue so much, that she started to shudder with an orgasm. Al grabbed her buttocks to maintain the pressure, until she could take no more, and started to push his head away. With a smile he moved back, and they resumed the embrace and passionate kiss, tongues thrusting in each other’s mouths, and she tasting her own sweet juices from his tongue.

Then she took her turn, and pushing him back, she’d wondered what his cock would be like, after weeks of imagining. The water sprayed all over her head, as she held onto his manhood, stroking gently up and down, before she gave the tip a quick lick. She licked up and down his shaft, looking up to see him returning her gaze, smiling. She went lower to lick and suck on his balls, and felt his cock get a little harder. Then she moved up, and enveloped his cock in her mouth, slowly moving down the shaft, until it was all in, and it was almost down her throat. She felt him flinch as she quickly moved off again, looking up to see him shudder slightly. Then she started in earnest, initially just taking the glans, and then withdrawing, and then taking deeper and deeper strokes, until again she was taking the whole of his cock. At first she moved slowly, then went quicker, and quicker. Al started to moan, which spurred her on; she so wanted to taste his come in her mouth, to roll it around, and to swallow. but then Al tried to push her off, as his moans became louder; she knew he didn’t want to come in her mouth, but she fended off his hands, and continued sucking, up and down his shaft, deeply, until she felt his knob pulsating, when she slowed down, making it a more sensual experience for him. Al groaned, involuntarily thrusting slightly, and his cock unloaded in her mouth, spurt after spurt hitting the back of her throat. When the pulsing died down, she licked his cock clean.

She looked up, and allowed a little fluid to dribble out down her chin. Not quite the effect she hoped for, as the shower rinsed it off, but Al’s eyes lit up, and he pulled her up for a long, deep French kiss before she had time to swallow; after rolling it around between their mouths, they shared his come.

Al reached over for the shower gel, soaped his hands, and then went about sensuously applying a lather to her body, starting by massaging her shoulders from behind, and then reaching around and massaging her breasts, before going lower to lather her belly, the small of her back, buttocks, thighs, and calves. When he stood up, she returned the favour, lathering and massaging his shoulders, chest from the front, before turning him around to lather his back. She pressed her breasts against his back and reached around to do his chest again, circling his nipples, and then running her fingers through his hairy chest. Turning him around again, she reached around to his buttocks, and worked her way down his legs, stopping very briefly to kiss the tip of his cock.

They rinsed the lather off, and embraced again under the shower, before sharing another long kiss. She felt him rising again, and looked down to see his manhood once again standing to attention. The manoeuvred around, so her back was against the wall, and she lift her leg slightly to allow his entrance. As he put his cock inside her, she gasped slightly, and held onto him. He started thrusting gently and slowly at first, just edging a little bit further in each time. She moaned a little, holding his head in her arms. Then she lifted her legs around his waist, crossing them around his back; he leaned in, and she supported then on the wall. His thrusts were getting quicker, and deeper, and she moved her pelvis t meet each and every thrust, with the occasional squeal on a thrust. Before long, he was pumping her for al he was worth, and she was approaching another orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried, encouraging him to carry on, her calls serving to make him push harder and deeper inside her. She gripped around his shoulders and back, trying to force him in deeper and deeper; this felt better than she’d imagined, even against the hard tiles of the shower. She felt her muscles begin to contract inside her, as the onset of the orgasm hit her, and she screamed out. Al was so close now, he thrust even harder, trying to get even deeper, and faster. He felt her contract around his cock, and then he shuddered as he passed the point of no return… she was still amidst her orgasm, he was shooting his load deep inside.

They rested for a moment, against the wall, he still inside her. She slowly let down her legs, but maintained her hold around his shoulders, to pull him in for another passionate kiss. He withdrew, and washed himself under the shower. She did likewise; without a word, they looked at each other and smiled, before stopping the shower, getting out and towelling each other off.

Al led her though to the bedroom. When he saw the time, his face dropped, as he turned to face her. But she understood.

“Go.” she said quietly.

“Will I see you later?” he asked, as he rushed to dress in clean clothes.

She cocked her head to one side, and smiled.


He dashed out to the car; he was going to be late for the interview. Stella, one of the directors, had come down especially from head office. Then a smile darted across his face, as he thought of the oik that spilled the coffee on him; he would have a big surprise for him…

In the office, he noticed the interview room had the blinds shut. He knocked on the door, and rushed in closing it behind him. However, when he looked around, he had to chuckle. The oik was bent over the desk, trousers down, and a gag in his mouth, while Stella was shafting him with a rather large strap-on. She looked over at Al and winked.

“When he said he’d do anything for the job, I put him to the test. So I think I’ll give him the job.”

Al looked at oik; even with the gag, it was obvious he had a smug grin on his face. However, his grin faded a little when Al began to laugh.

Stella looked at oik.

“Oh, and I believe you already know your new boss. I appointed Alan regional manager yesterday.”


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