The Pickup

Louise looked over the message, re-reading it several times. She felt herself shudder as she read his words.

Since they’d met online, he’d challenged, coaxed, encouraged and pushed her. She’d become more daring, wearing no underwear to work, having a quick ‘play’ in the ladies, even having a vibrator in her during a tube journey.

But this was different. This time he wanted her to interact with somebody else.

Two people, to be precise.

Two men.

She thought of her old friend, Helen, who would have done that without batting her eyelids. Hell, she had done that before, but Louise didn’t have Helen’s hair, cleavage, or nerve.

He’d dictated the place and time, so she just had to turn up and seduce two guys. Two complete strangers! Would that make it easier for her? She doubted it.

Why had he specified where and when? Was he going to be there? She had to admit she was curious as to what he looked like. Would he be watching, or would he be one of her subjects? But he hadn’t specified anyone, and how could he know who else would be in the bar at that time; he would be taking a chance… but not as big a chance she would be taking.

Then again, he’d specified he should only chat them up then make her excuses and leave before anything could happen.

What if she got someone who was persistent?

Someone who might follow her out?

A stalker?

On the one hand, she was nervous about her task. But on the other, she didn’t want to let him down.

She reflected how quickly she had come to this point, where pleasing him was so important to her. She wasn’t yet thirty, and had a successful career, holding a senior position in her company. That would be enough for most people.

But not Louise.

She found a bottle of brandy and poured herself a large dose. If she was going to go through with this, she would need to find something to wear. Something to show off her best assets. Helen might have had the cleavage, but she had great legs that looked even better in stockings. So something to show lots of leg, and give plenty of opportunity for flashes of stocking tops.

She found a mini-dress that emphasised her waist as well as showing off lots of leg. This would fit her requirements perfectly.

She changed into her sexiest underwear, for her own benefit, to make her feel confident, sexy, and empowered. She found her good black stockings and carefully rolled them up her freshly shaven legs. She pulled on her dress of choice, adjusting it to ensure everything that was supposed to show, and anything that wasn’t, didn’t.

Then she stepped into her stilettos, with high enough heels to pull her leg muscles into even better shape; she was determined nobody was going to miss her lovely legs.

She put on a long coat, partly as protection from the cool night air, and partly to hide herself from the eyes in the streets, and made her way to the bar, as per his instructions. When she entered, it wasn’t too busy, and she quickly took off her coat, hanging it on a nearby coat stand, before taking a deep breath and strutting her way across to the bar. The sound of her shoes on the wooden floor drew a few glances, and she felt the extended gazes as the onlookers took in the sight of her legs.

She sat on a bar stool, and ordered her drink. She was aware that she was being watched, and quickly downed her first shot to subdue her nerves. After a second shot, she felt confident enough to look around the room for some likely targets for her seduction.

She spotted a couple of likely candidates sat on a table to her right. Conveniently, there was television screen in that direction, so she could turn and face them, feigning interest in what was on the television – one of the news channels.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs a few times, knowing the movement should draw their attention, even via the corner of their eyes. Once she was sure she had their attention, she crossed her legs over, knowing full well they would see her stocking tops peeking from beneath the hem of her skirt. It took a little while, a few repetitions, a tilt of the head, a small smile. And then one of them stood up and walked toward her.



“Your friend looks lonely. Why not ask him to join us?” she interrupted him.

Momentarily taken aback, he did as he was told, and she soon had one either side of her.

She asked them what they did, and a bit about themselves. They’d had a little to drink, and were quite chatty, boasting of their bonuses, trying to impress with their inflated salaries and sense of ego.

As the man on her left was speaking, her hand made contact with his thigh, and stroked its way slowly up to his buttocks, which she gave a gentle squeeze.

He stopped talking and whispered an invite into her ear, just as she repeated the same with his friend, whose buttocks she found to be a much more satisfying squeeze.

The men looked at each other, and then at Louise. Louise smiled back, raised her eyebrows and winked. She glanced down at their trousers, where things were beginning to move.

Mission accomplished.

They moved in closer, and Louise felt a little panic set in. She sat straight up, and shuffled on her stool recomposing herself. She needed to get away now.

She stopped flirting, and began acting a little coolly, but she seemed to have started something in them. They were getting closer, touching her legs, her back, brushing against her breasts. One of them leant over and whispered into her ear.

“You’re a proper tease, aren’t you. But you’re not getting off that lightly!”

She looked him in the eye, and pulled him close.

“Let me at least freshen up for you,” she purred, glancing down between her legs.

He smile a wicked smile, and glanced over to his friend.

“Don’t be too long, or we may have to take you in the ladies’,” he sneered.

Louise nodded, and dropped of her stool. They let her past as she made her way to the toilet. She locked herself in one of the cubicles.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

She rocked back and forth, trying to think what to do. She just hoped she could grab her coat unseen and make her escape. As she re-entered the bar area, she noticed the two guys were completely preoccupied by three women, a blonde, brunette and redhead who were draping themselves all over them. Although relieved, she was a little mad that they’d moved on so quickly, but made the most of the opportunity, and quickly grabbing her coat and donning it as she walked quickly out, she left the bar, bumping into a middle aged guy on the way out.

“Sorry ma’am,” he said, touching his hat.

But Louise took little notice, and hurried off, back to the safety of her own home.

Lucian turned and watched the young lady rush off. He was relieved she was alone, and stopped outside the door for a little longer to ensure no one else came out to follow her.

Lucian didn’t usually get personally involved with these little arrangements, but the plan had gone way off kilter when the two men, his two men, had been delayed, unable to make the rendezvous, and he’d received word from the barman that she’d hooked up with two other guys.

He entered the bar and looked around. And then he saw them. ‘Sadie’, ‘Sissy’, and ‘Sonja’. All three were known to him, and he smiled. They’d earned their nicknames for some very special reasons, and these guys would certainly have a memorable night.

Sadie was better known as Sadistic Sadie, one of the senior members of the court of pain.

Sonja was nicknamed so after Red Sonja, not just because of her red hair, but because of her propensity for violence, making her popular on the wrestling circuits.

And Sissy packed something a little extra.

Lucian chuckled to himself. Crisis averted.

He nodded over to Sadie, who smiled a wicked smile.

They would indeed have a memorable night. But not the one they were hoping for.


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