Addendum To Order

Marta watched her walk off toward the station. What was so special about this girl that he’d risk losing his position?

As soon as she was out of sight, Marta stepped onto the street and continued on her way to his house. He’d called an irregular meeting, and now she knew what he intended to say. But if she really hadn’t seen his face…

Whenever he expected several numbers of people arriving, he would leave his door unlocked, so neighbours wouldn’t be continually disturbed by knocking every few minutes. Or more likely, he didn’t want people to know there were lots of people in his house. He was mostly reclusive, except for Court matters, which he took very seriously; he practised more devotion to his court and the Order than anyone else, and sometimes it would be to the exclusion of everything else.

Marta only joined the Court because he’d insisted. Although a senior court member, she was only in it because of him, and yet the irony was that he was only Master of the court because of her.

Marta entered, and quietly closed the door. Four of the other dominae were there, only Aurora being absent, which was usual. Marta nodded to the other ladies, and took the remaining seat. The master came into the room, carrying a tea tray.

Marta often thought it funny; if the members of the court could see their Master, pouring tea for them, what would they make of it? He poured out the tea for each of them, adding milk and sugar into the appropriate cups before passing them out.

He sat, and picked up his agenda. More organisation. The five ladies sat, sipping their tea, listening as he spoke.
As he spoke, and not the device he used for other members. These were the privileged few, seeing his face and hearing his real voice.

Aurora had sent her apologies, unable to attend at short notice, as usual. Aurora and Marta were the two he chose to join him, and Marta couldn’t understand why he chose her; she never attended these meetings, only showing for some court meetings and parties.

Then onto the reason for calling this meeting. Marta was curious what he was going to say. Was he just going to resign, or would he say he’d revealed himself, or what?

Neither. He said he’d called the meeting because he was going away, and wouldn’t be around for the scheduled one. Marta watched the other ladies’ reactions – they were somewhat confused. There had been some urgency in his tone when he’d invited them, but a vacation would not have necessitated that. She knew they suspected something, but none of them said anything.

He continued through his agenda, and got to the end. No mention of the girl, or of leaving court. Marta decided to hang around to find out.

Three of the dominae left shortly after finishing, but one other remained; Marta wished she’d hurry up and leave, but she seemed to have something on her mind. And so began a strangely unheated discussion. The woman was adamant that the court and the order should be doing more to find out who was trying to bring harm to them, whilst he maintained that it should be dealt with by the proper authorities. In the end, he placated her by saying he’d discuss it with Lucius and other Masters and Mistresses of courts.

As she left, Marta watched him slump into his chair, his head down. Marta moved around to him, and began to massage his shoulders; his head popped back up with a start.

“Oh! I didn’t realise you were still here!”

“I thought I could help you to relax,” Marta replied, continuing the massage.

He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. Marta moved her head down and softly kissed his neck. He moved his head to one side to ease her access, and she moved her arms around him, and began to unbutton his shirt.

His breathing slowed, and she pulled the shirt off his shoulders, and down his arms, stopping at his wrists. She moved around and sat astride him, kissing the side of his neck again, working her way up to his ear. She heard him sigh, and felt him relax. Her hands slowly stroked down his arms to his wrists, as her tongue explored and teased his ear. Then with a quick movement, one hand twisted his shirt so they bound his wrists behind him, and with her other hand she pushed him back against the back of his seat, holding him there with a gentle pressure on his throat.

His eyes looked back at her in alarm.

“Marta?” he gasped.

“Why did you call this meeting?” she asked him sternly.

“I’ll be going away-“

She released his throat briefly to slap his face before returning to its place. Her hand stung, so his face must’ve stung too.

“How about the truth!”

He looked back at her, bewildered.

“I know she’s been here.”

He swallowed.

“You were going to show yourself, weren’t you?”

He just stared back at her.

“Weren’t you!” she repeated, a little more forcefully.

He nodded and closed his eyes.

“Why didn’t you?”

He looked down, avoiding eye contact.

Marta remember how they’d met. She’d been his Domme, and he her submissive, her slave. Over time the relationship changed – they seemed to bounce off each other, coming up with ideas for scenes, and seeing how they played out. And then they switched, as she wanted to see how he’d cope with being dominant. He was patient, thoughtful, restrained. He didn’t get angry or aggressive, and was always in control. Though he’d originally come to her as a sub, he was much better being the Dom.

Her reflection was broken when he spoke, albeit softly.

“She didn’t want me to.”

Marta didn’t have to ask who, but she did wonder why she was so special. She didn’t care so much about court business, but the court kept him ticking.

Marta had a thought. She knew he’d object, but she was going to say it anyway.

“Why don’t you make her a domina of the court?”

He looked up sharply.

“You know I can’t!”

“Of course you can. You’re the Master.”

“But there can only be six-“

“You could change that if you wanted. Or you could ask Aurora to step down.”


“You’ve given her more leeway than some of the other members of court. How many have you punished for not turning up often enough?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again.

“Ok,” he eventually said. “I’ll think about it.”

“She means a lot to you, doesn’t she?”


“No. The new girl.”

The way his face changed answered the question. And then it changed again to a worried expression.

“I think it’s about time you laid back, and let me master you for a change,” Marta said.

He smiled.

“Yes, Mistress.”

This story follows on from the end of my book, Order. If you enjoyed it and haven’t yet read the book, why not?



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