The Training Room Revisited, part II

Eleanor felt a little for Steve in his predicament; if he refused, he would look silly in front of them all.

Steve took a deep breath.

“Yes, sir,” he said.

Arthur got Chrissie to lower Steve’s trousers before he began. The caning was given in similar fashion as before: with each strike Arthur made, Steve winced, counted, and thanked ‘sir’ for his punishment.

“Can I be released now, sir?”

Arthur laughed.

“There is one more lesson you need to learn,” he said, opening one of the side cupboards.

“Yes, sir,” Steve said. “Which lesson, sir?”

Arthur opened a cupboard at the side, and withdrew a strap-on, a tube of lubricant, and some latex gloves.

“Miss Christine?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Please put this on.”

He handed her the strap-on, and Chrissie duly put it on. Steve’s eyes lit up as her watched her fastening it up. Eleanor glared at Arthur; she hoped he wasn’t going to suggest what she was thinking.

“Steven insists on showing me pornographic clips of ladies using these on other ladies.”

“Arthur, it’s only a laugh-“

Arthur raised his hand to quiet Steve.

“Miss Christine. Have you used one of those before?”

Chrissie paused.

“The truth, Miss Christine.”

“Yes, sir,” she eventually said, meekly.

Eleanor gave Chrissie a look, surprised.

“Good,” he said, handing her the lube and the latex gloves.

Chrissie took them, and looked at Eleanor, smiling. Eleanor took a step back, shaking her head.

“Mistress Eleanor?”

Arthur’s voice startled her. Did she hear him wrong? Did he just call her-

“Yes, sir,” she said, realising she hadn’t acknowledged him yet.

He walked over to her, and deftly lifted her off her feet taking her by surprise, and carried her to the door before turning.

“Miss Christine. Mistress Eleanor and I are going to have some private time.”

Eleanor’s heart began to race; she felt a little breathless.

“If you need them,” Arthur continued. “… there’s a selection of gags in that cupboard too.”

Chrissie, looked a little puzzled at Arthur; Arthur nodded at Steve’s rear, and Chrissie understood. She donned the gloves, and stood behind Steve, squeezing some lubricant onto him.

Arthur began chuckling. Chrissie stopped momentarily, and looked at him.

“I’m sorry, Miss Christine. I was just thinking, I don’t think this is quite what Steve anticipated when he said was looking forward to being fucked by you.”

“Really?” she said, as a smirk appeared on her face.

Eleanor stifled a giggle.

“I shall leave you two to it,” Arthur said, as he closed the door.

He carried Eleanor through to his bedroom, and gently laid her on his bed.

Eleanor’s heart was racing.

“What are we going to do, sir?” she asked.

Arthur placed his finger on her lips.

“It’s Arthur,” he said softly.

“What are we going to do, Arthur?”

“I think you know,” he replied, before kissing her on her lips.

Eleanor put her arms around him, and pulled him onto her.

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