Jay’s birthday treat

Pole Dancer Silhouette“Hey Jay! I thought you had hot date tonight!”

Jay turned around to see a grinning Larry. Larry turned to his entourage.

“It’s his birthday, and it looks like he’s been stood up!”

Jay rolled his eyes.

“But this is the place to be,” Larry continued. “Trust me, you’ll be glad she stood you up tonight!”

Larry’s friends sniggered.

“Come sit with us, up close to the action!”

Jay shrugged.

“It’s alright mate, I’ll just stay here by the bar.”

Jay took a drink to emphasise the point.

“We’ll keep a seat for you if you change your mind.”

Larry winked and grinned, before taking his cronies to a stage-side table.

Jay turned back, and signalled the barman for another drink.  Of all the places to run into Larry, this wasn’t the best. Even from the other side of the room, Jay could hear Larry harassing the waitress. He was somewhat relieved to hear the DJ make the announcement.

“Gentlemen! The tension in the room is reaching fever pitch, and our naughty nurse is ready to raise temperatures even more. It’s the luscious Laura!”

The room erupted with cheering as Laura strode on stage in time with the music. Dressed in a blue and white PVC mini-dress with low-cut top, showing off her cleavage, stockings on those long, lithe legs, and high heels that stretched her shapely calves. She made her way in front of the pole that featured centre-stage, and feet apart, hands on her hips, she struck a haughty figure. She gave a stern glance down at Larry’s table, who were whistling and cat-calling, before bending over at the waist, giving everyone a good look down her cleavage. She held the position momentarily before standing upright, and then slowly drew a thermometer from between her breasts. She held it out upright between thumb and forefinger, before shaking it in a suggestive manner, and then licked along its length slowly with her tongue.

This, of course, prompted some lewd and suggestive comments from Larry’s table. Jay wondered how much worse it could get, as she had only just started!

She beckoned Larry closer, and held out the thermometer; Larry opened his mouth to take it, but then she indicated he turn around and drop his pants, causing the room to laugh. That didn’t embarrass Larry though.

Jay took another sip of his drink, and continued to watch, wishing that Larry would just sit down and shut up.

After freeing her dark blonde her from her ponytail, she leapt onto the pole, her legs bent around it, holding on with one hand, and spun around a couple of times; Jay was impressed, as even this seemingly simple manoeuvre took some gymnastic skill. She slowed as she stuck one leg out, then grasping the pole with both hands, she pulled herself upside down, her back against the pole, her ankles crossed around the pole. Somehow, by jiggling, she managed to allow her breasts to fall out of the dress, revealing nipples covered by red tape crosses.

A few moments later, she brought her legs over to land feet together, bent over, her mini-dress hem had lifted to reveal her perfect buttocks; the music was barely audible over the noise of the crowd. Larry, of course, stood and pushed some notes into her stocking tops as his crew cheered him on, and gave her bottom a pat; her head flipped around, and her hands climbed up the pole, drawing her legs closer to the pole, wiggling her ass as she took tiny steps. Once upright, she manoeuvred herself behind the pole then pushing her breasts around the pole, she slowly squatted down, her tongue stuck out licking the pole as she went down; Larry’s reaction, of course, was to grab his own crotch and point to it, looking lasciviously at her.

Jay marvelled at the way she quickly whipped off the dress, throwing it behind her, revealing her white thong, again with the red cross motif on it. Then she quickly stood, gyrating her hips against the pole, making a circuit around, before jumping up on it, legs crossed around it, slowly spinning around it as she waved her head around, her long blonde hair whipping around as she did so.

Pole DancerShe performed some moves that could only be described as advanced gymnastics, as she spun around the pole, holding on with her hands, or her thighs, at one point doing the splits along the pole, all the while her magnificent mane constantly moving, stopping occasionally giving her that dishevelled ‘come to bed’ appearance – it was little wonder you could barely wonder why the music was barely audible over the crowd’s reaction; she had a mixture of elegant grace, sex appeal, and athletic ability.

Larry, of course, was loudly commentating:

“Come and slide down my cock, darlin'”

“You can do the splits on my lap, baby!”

“Wanna see if you can keep up with me tonight?”

She did seem to have lots of stamina, moving at an increasingly dizzying pace around the pole, sometimes upside down, until as the music came to an end, she jumped off the pole and landed cleanly on her heels into a squat, before slowly stretching upwards to her whole height, her hands massaging her body upwards as she moved up, before a few final flicks of her head, and her hands finally drawing her hair back into the ponytail as the music ended.

Perfectly timed.

Jay’s heart was racing; the performance was like nothing he’d seen before. Subtle, not blatant; yet still sexy, erotic, alluring.

Jay turned back to the bar and expected his glass to be empty, but he’d hardly touched through the performance. He took another drink and check his watch.

He felt a slap on his back.

“Wasn’t that the most incredible thing you’ve seen?” Larry gushed. “I bet she goes like fuck in bed!”

Jay shrugged Larry’s hand off his shoulder; hell, he felt uncomfortable when he touched him, so how must the women he touched feel?

“I think I’m going to be lucky tonight,” he continued, oblivious to Jay’s disinterest. Did you say the way she looked at me when I smacked her ass. I bet she’s into that.”

Jay downed his drink, and signalled the barman for another; he needed it if he had to endure more of Larry’s boasts.

Larry just continued, describing what he would do to the girl in disgusting detail; he made her sound like a piece of meat for him to feast on as he pleased. Jay wondered just how many of Larry’s alleged conquests were real and how many fictional.

Jay was startled when he gripped his shoulder suddenly.

“Hey! What did I tell you! She’s on her way over! She fucking wants me!”

Jay could hear the drool in his voice as he spoke. He turned to look and saw the luscious Laura walking toward them, instead of the pvc nurse’s uniform it was a classy black mini-dress; it still revealed some of her cleavage, but in a more tasteful way, and the dress was short enough to display her lovely legs, this time clan in black, seamed tights, and the black stilettos weren’t quite as high as the one’s she’d worn on stage; and her hair plaited and hanging on her shoulder. To Jay she was sexier like this, tastefully dressed, than the so-called ‘sexy’ nurse she’d portrayed on stage.

Larry went silent as she got closer, striding purposefully to the bar beside them.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, Jay, but I had to cover for one of the girls,” she said, as she kissed his cheek.

“That’s okay, Laura, darling,” Jay replied, slipping his arm around her waist.

“Larry, I believe you know my date for tonight?”  he added.

Larry’s jaw had dropped down. Eventually he managed to speak.

“Wow! Jay! You ol’ dog,” he laughed. “How did you manage to tap this gorgeous ass?”

Jay smiled and looked at Laura.

“I’m just lucky, I guess.”

“You’ll be a very lucky birthday boy tonight,” Laura added. “After dinner, I’m going to let you fuck me and my gorgeous ass.”

She turned to Larry.

“And I should thank you,” she said.

Larry looked confused. “Why me?” he asked.

“Because with your tip, I’m going to buy a good bottle of champagne for us to celebrate his birthday!”

“Hey, it’s my birthday next week!” Larry lied. “Will I get the same?”

Jay felt a little uncomfortable, but Laura laughed.

“Sweetheart,” she said, as she took Larry’s chin in her hand. “I have someone who knows how to please me, and respects me. Why would I jeopardise that for some ass-hole who throws his money at any honey that shakes her ass in his direction?”

She turned back to Jay.

“Can we leave now? If I stay here much longer I’ll need another shower.”

“Sure,” replied Jay. “See you Monday, Larry. Have a good night.”

He turned away, but caught a glimpse of Larry’s sour face before he did. Even though he knew he had a good night with Laura to come, somehow, she had already made his evening.

Silhouette Pole Dancer image from everything pole dancing website.




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