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Coffee Stains

Al drove home, quietly chuckling to himself. That jerk at the office thought he’d managed to get one over on him, ‘accidentally’ knocking the coffee to spill over Al. Little did he know…

He pulled into the drive, wondering if he’d bump into his cleaner. Cleaner was probably overstretching it, as she seemed to only just do what was required. He should get rid of her, and get someone in to do the job properly, but she was just too damned cute, and when he worked from home, he liked peering over his screen, watching her bend down in the short tight skirt as she dusted the coffee table.

He opened the front door. It didn’t seem there was anyone around. He dashed up to his bedroom, undressed, put his coffee-stained clothes by the door, and popped into the bathroom to have a quick shower; but as he walked in, he heard the shower running.

He peered around the door, and saw her, in his shower, groaning quietly. Her eyes were closed, and with one hand she was fondling her breast, while the other was rubbing gently between her legs.

”Oh yes! Yes please!” Continue reading


Addendum To Order

Marta watched her walk off toward the station. What was so special about this girl that he’d risk losing his position?

As soon as she was out of sight, Marta stepped onto the street and continued on her way to his house. He’d called an irregular meeting, and now she knew what he intended to say. But if she really hadn’t seen his face…

Whenever he expected several numbers of people arriving, he would leave his door unlocked, so neighbours wouldn’t be continually disturbed by knocking every few minutes. Or more likely, he didn’t want people to know there were lots of people in his house. He was mostly reclusive, except for Court matters, which he took very seriously; he practised more devotion to his court and the Order than anyone else, and sometimes it would be to the exclusion of everything else.

Marta only joined the Court because he’d insisted. Although a senior court member, she was only in it because of him, and yet the irony was that he was only Master of the court because of her. Continue reading

The Pickup

Louise looked over the message, re-reading it several times. She felt herself shudder as she read his words.

Since they’d met online, he’d challenged, coaxed, encouraged and pushed her. She’d become more daring, wearing no underwear to work, having a quick ‘play’ in the ladies, even having a vibrator in her during a tube journey.

But this was different. This time he wanted her to interact with somebody else.

Two people, to be precise.

Two men.

She thought of her old friend, Helen, who would have done that without batting her eyelids. Hell, she had done that before, but Louise didn’t have Helen’s hair, cleavage, or nerve.

He’d dictated the place and time, so she just had to turn up and seduce two guys. Two complete strangers! Would that make it easier for her? She doubted it. Continue reading

The Training Room Revisited, part II

Eleanor felt a little for Steve in his predicament; if he refused, he would look silly in front of them all.

Steve took a deep breath.

“Yes, sir,” he said.

Arthur got Chrissie to lower Steve’s trousers before he began. The caning was given in similar fashion as before: with each strike Arthur made, Steve winced, counted, and thanked ‘sir’ for his punishment.

“Can I be released now, sir?”

Arthur laughed.

“There is one more lesson you need to learn,” he said, opening one of the side cupboards.

“Yes, sir,” Steve said. “Which lesson, sir?” Continue reading

Sunday Shower

It’s Sunday, so here’s a short Steamy Shower scene from h0ll0wd0ll that I think you might enjoy.




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Jay’s birthday treat

Pole Dancer Silhouette“Hey Jay! I thought you had hot date tonight!”

Jay turned around to see a grinning Larry. Larry turned to his entourage.

“It’s his birthday, and it looks like he’s been stood up!”

Jay rolled his eyes.

“But this is the place to be,” Larry continued. “Trust me, you’ll be glad she stood you up tonight!”

Larry’s friends sniggered.

“Come sit with us, up close to the action!”

Jay shrugged.

“It’s alright mate, I’ll just stay here by the bar.”

Jay took a drink to emphasise the point.

“We’ll keep a seat for you if you change your mind.” Continue reading

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