The Training Room, Revisited

Arthur unlocked and opened the door.

“Ladies, would you help Steve into the room.”

“Yes, sir,” they replied in unison.

Steve let out a laugh, muffled by the bag.

The stocks were open, awaiting their next captor. Arthur indicated them, and the girls nodded, understanding what was required. They led Steve just behind the stocks, asked him to kneel and bend forward. The two of them gently laid his head in place, and then his wrists, and stood to the sides of the stocks. Arthur closed the stocks, and locked them into place. Eleanor swallowed; she knew what it was like to be in Arthur’s stock.

Steve said something, but it was muffled by the bag. Arthur removed the bag.


“I said I hoped it isn’t a guillotine,” Steve repeated.

Steve strained to look around.

“What’s in the cupboards, Arthur?”

Arthur crouched to become face to face with Steve.

“Call me sir,” Arthur said.

“What?” Steve said incredulously.

“You are not a guest! You agreed to my conditions. My home, my word, my law.”

Steve looked at him, uncertainly.

“Look, I’m sure the girls don’t want to be part of-“


“Yes, sir,” they said in unison.

Arthur looked at Steve. Steve paused, apparently considering his situation, then his body relaxed.

“Very well… sir.”

Arthur smiled, and stood.

He opened the cupboard in front of the stocks, filled with his crops and canes.

From where she was stood, Eleanor could see Steve’s face drop when he took in the sight. He began to speak, but a brief glare from Arthur stopped him.

“I believe some punishment is in order,” Arthur said, withdrawing a cane and flexing it.

“You cannot be serious!”

Arthur looked at Steve sternly.


Arthur smiled.

“Despite me asking you to stop arranging dates, you continued to insist on doing so.”

“But you always turned up.”

Arthur stared at him.


After maintaining his steely stare for a little longer, Arthur smiled and nodded.

“It would have been impolite not to. But I do not want you to put me in that position again, and I will reinforce this lesson so you don’t forget it.”

Steve was getting a little agitated, shifting his position a little.

“Aren’t you going to take your punishment like a man?”

Eleanor thought there was something in Arthur’s tone that said there was something more to this phrase between the two men.

“What about the girls?”

“Ah, yes! The ladies! Miss Christine, would you stand facing the wall.”

Arthur indicated toward the wall before Steve.

“Yes, sir,” Chrissie replied, as she moved and stood facing the wall.

Steve gave Chrissie a puzzled look; he must have realised she’d changed clothes.

“Lean forward against the wall.”

Chrissie leaned forward, her hands against the wall, bending over slightly. Eleanor noticed she’d raised her bottom, obviously aware of what was to come.

“Miss Christine. You have been meddling in Miss Eleanor’s and my affairs. For this, you will receive your punishment. A round dozen, I think. You will count.”

“Yes, thank you, sir.”

Arthur stood to one side of Chrissie, and flexed the cane. He looked over at Eleanor, and smiled, unsettling her a little.

“Miss Eleanor, please stand by me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Eleanor stood by Arthur as requested. Steve, it seemed, was surprised by Eleanor’s outfit.

“Miss Christine. As your actions have affected Miss Eleanor, she will dispense your punishment.”

“Yes, thank you, sir.”

Arthur held out the cane to Eleanor. With some trepidation, she took it from him. She took her place beside Chrissie, and raised the cane to strike. Arthur stood close to her, held her arm, and gently brought it down.

“Use a wrist action,” he whispered in her ear; the sound of his voice so close made Eleanor shiver.

He held her hand, and demonstrated the action. Eleanor made a few practise swipes before settling the cane on Chrissie’s backside.

“Wait!” Arthur suddenly said.

Eleanor was worried she was about to do something wrong.

Arthur pulled up the smock Chrissie was wearing, revealing the plain white knickers.

“Hold this up,” he said to Chrissie.

Chrissie used one hand to keep the smock hitched up, and Arthur returned by Eleanor, moving in close, his hand guiding hers to place the cane on Chrissie’s backside again. He made Eleanor rub the cane up and down Chrissie’s behind a few times, and then released his hold. Eleanor paused, before moving the cane back, and swiping at Chrissie.

“One, thank you, sir.”

“It is not I, but Mistress Eleanor, you need to thank.”

He moved in close to Eleanor again, and whispered in her ear.

“A little harder.”

Eleanor hit Chrissie again.

“Two, thank you Mistress.”

“I think we should begin again,” Arthur declared.

“You can be a little firmer still,” he whispered.

The cane swished through the air landing across Chrissie’s buttocks again.

“One, thank you Mistress.”

Eleanor and Chrissie continued in this fashion, until twelve, with Arthur making minor adjustments to Eleanor’s technique from time to time.

“Thank you Miss Christine. You may stand.”

“Thank you sir… Mistress.”

Eleanor blushed a little at Chrissie’s address.

“Now, Steven. Now you have seen Miss Christine receive her punishment with good grace and dignity, I expect no less from you.”

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