It had been a long day, and Tom wearily made his way upstairs to bed. He closed the curtains, looking up briefly at the bright, full moon, before throwing off his clothes and crawling into bed. He turned off the light, and turned onto his side, wrapping his duvet around him, and drifted of to sleep.

He was vaguely aware of a lightning flash, and the rumble of thunder. Then he felt himself feeling aroused. He was a little annoyed, as he was tired and desperately wanted to sleep, but he found himself with a growing erection. No matter how much he thought of frying bacon, or any of the unsexiest things he could conjure in his mind, he just could not shake this incoming feeling.

And then he felt the bed move; he froze for a moment. He could smell the faint aroma of a sweet perfume. He moved on hand out in exploration, and felt the cool, soft skin of another body. The body moved closer, and he realised that their back was against his chest. His arm was taken, guided, and placed gently on a soft, pliable, and full breast of a woman. He tried to lean up a little, and the woman’s hand found his head, pulling it towards her lips as she moved her head around to meet him. Her lips were soft and cool, and he felt himself drawn in deeper as they kissed, his tiredness temporarily abated. She gently introduced her tongue to his moth, first licking his lips slowly around, before moving in slowly. He mimicked her, tasting her still cool lips, before his tongue ventured inside. Their lips seemed to lock together, as their tongues sensually explored each other.

She groaned a little, and he felt her hand again on his, squeezing his hand around her breast. He started to fondle her, still lip-locked, tracing around her generous nipple, and gently squeezing her fleshy boob. She groaned some more, and pushed her buttocks back into his groin. He was aware again of his seemingly still growing erection, against the soft, cool skin of her buttocks, finding its way to lie in the crack between.

Tom felt out of control; as though his actions and movements were being manipulated; he couldn’t help himself.

His hand moved down from her breast, stroking down her side. He felt the dip in her flesh at her waist, and followed her line out to her generous hips. His hand grasped her hip, and pulled her in toward him. She broke away from their kiss, and reached down between her legs. He felt her take hold of his erection, and after stroking it a couple of times with her cool hand, she guided it inside her. Once he felt her lips on his glans, he pushed slowly forward, burying it to the hilt; she arched her back, and gasped. She reached back with her arm, and ran her fingers through his hair, as he started to move his cock in and out of her. Even there she felt cool surrounding his manhood, and he felt her squeezing him as he pushed in and pulled out of her.

His hand moved down the soft, cool skin of her thigh, stroking gently, before returning up, slowly, over her hips again, and stopping at her narrow waist, to hold, and counter his thrusts, pulling her in when he pushed into her, and pushing her away when he pulled back from her.

He tried to see his mystery lover, but the room seemed enveloped in blackness; all he had were the sounds and sensations of this woman. He wanted to speak out, to ask who she was, and what this power she held over him was, but the control was total, and he could not utter a single syllable.

His thrusting continued, moving in and out of her cool cunt. It seemed an almost mechanical process. In, out, in, out. He was confused; he felt increasingly aroused, and yet the act seemed cold. Colder, even, than the pleasant coolness of her body. Her hand moved more roughly through his hair, and her breathing became more erratic. Oddly, he felt a surge welling up inside him, at the same time. Her body began to tremble, and his cock felt like it was being massaged my thousands of tiny hands. With one final, deep thrust, his cock exploded within her; she seemed to twitch in reaction to his cock jerking, and then they lay there, together, still for what seemed like an age.

Tom felt his weariness re-assert itself, and he felt himself drifting off to sleep again. He was vaguely aware of the darkness of the room becoming less intense, but did not notice the departure of his visitor.

He awoke in the morning, and sat up. He looked around the room, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He caught a whiff of the perfume, and then it was gone. He was sure it had happened, yet there was no way anyone could have entered the house.

He drove to the vicarage to meet the Reverend Michaels. He’d only met him once before, but that once left a lasting impression. He was fascinated with myths and medieval demonology, and took every opportunity to talk about his pet subject, much to the chagrin of the diocese.

When he arrived, Rev. Michaels took him through to the sitting room, once more moving the conversation to demons.

“Off course, they were said to take the form of a beautiful woman, and seduce young monks.”

Something in Tom struck a chord.

“I’m sorry, what was that you said?”

Rev. Michaels turned around. “What? About the succubae seducing young monks?”

Tom felt a little dazed.

“Are you alright?” Michaels paused. “Oh, where are my manners!”

He turned away from Tom and called out, “Lilin, is the tea ready yet?”

A tall, dark, voluptuous woman, with a low-cut clinging black top, and long flowing black dress appeared at the door, holding a tray with a teapot, jug, and teacups upon it.

“Yes, Reverend.”

She laid the tray down on the table, and poured out the tea.

The Reverend Michaels continued.

“Where was I? Oh yes! then there were the incubate, who were the male versions that would impregnate the witches.”

Lilin handed a teacup to Tom, briefly brushing against his arm; her skin was cool to the touch. Tom looked up suddenly, and caught a trace of that unmistakable scent.

“Oh, where are my manners again! This is Lilin. She’s the housekeeper here, and she’ll make sure you’re alright during you time here, won’t you, Lilin.”

“Of course, Reverend,” she said. She turned to Tom, and looked at him, with a glint in her eye. “And I look forward to getting to know you much better, Reverend.”


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