So much for a lie in…

Eleanor awoke on Saturday morning to her doorbell ringing. She checked the time; almost ten. She rolled out of bed, donned a robe, and made her way to the front door. She opened the door: it was Chrissie.

“Are you alright, hun?” she asked, walking in before Eleanor could close the door.

Eleanor just turned her back on her and went into her kitchen; she wasn’t facing this without a coffee in her hand. Chrissie followed her through.

“I’ve been trying to call you, but your phone’s switched off.”

Eleanor just shrugged as she put the kettle on. Chrissie touched her arm, but Eleanor pulled away.


“I don’t want to talk about it,” Eleanor snapped, cutting Chrissie off.

Chrissie stepped back and watched as Eleanor finished preparing her coffee. Once she’d finished, Eleanor took her drink through to her lounge, and sat. She glared at Chrissie as she came through and sat beside her.


Chrissie stopped as Eleanor gave her a black look. Eleanor turned back to drink her coffee, and Chrissie sighed.

“He misses you.”

Eleanor stopped mid-sip. She didn’t look at Chrissie, but just kept still, feeling numb. How would she know? Has she seen him since?

“He just talked about you when you left. Spoke of nothing else. Funny really, he kept asking questions, but I couldn’t answer coz I was still gagged.”

Eleanor glanced at Chrissie out of the corner of her eye. Chrissie didn’t notice; she just stared forward and continued.

“He said you were a proper lady, like no other woman he’d known. And he only wanted to please you.”

The last phrase seemed to cut Eleanor, and she shook in response to it; Chrissie didn’t notice.

“He went off and left me there for a while. He must have forgotten all about me, but when he came back, he was all apologetic when he released me. I was worried I was going to be there all night.”

Eleanor closed her eyes. If he was so bothered about her, why didn’t he call?

Eleanor stood.

“I’m going for a bath,” she announced, before locking herself in the bathroom. She began to run herself a bath, listening for Chrissie to leave. Once she heard the front door close, she turned off the taps and sat on the edge of the bath.

Why could he not tell her?

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