Meeting at the Station

Eleanor stood waiting for Chrissie outside Baker Street tube station. Dressed very plainly in a blouse and knee-length skirt, and with all her make-up removed, she was ready for her meeting with Him. She would even be on time, if Chrissie wasn’t too long.train_station

She couldn’t believe he’d agreed to meet her! Then again, she was surprised she’d plucked up the courage to ask. She was, of course, punished for discussing their time together, and then for requesting audience, as He put it.

She felt nervous; she hoped Chrissie wouldn’t embarrass her in front of Him. The sooner she got tonight out of the way, the better, and then things could resume again as they had been, and she wouldn’t have to share His attention. She hoped Chrissie would bail; certainly, Eleanor would be punished for Chrissie’s no-show, but that would be preferable to…

Even with the bustle outside the station, Eleanor heard the slam of (probably a taxi) door, followed by the clip-clop of high heels on the pavement. She daren’t turn around, and dreaded what she might be confronted with. When she called Chrissie with the arrangements, and tried to explain how her Master was, and what he liked. But Chrissie just dismissed her with ‘I know what men like, honey.’

“Hi, Hun!”

Shit, it was her. Eleanor turned to face what she feared; Chrissie was wearing a short little black dress with a very plunging neckline, black tights, stilettos, and made up to the nines. Eleanor just stared for a moment, knowing full well what her Master’s reaction would be.

Someone from a group of half-drunk City-boys wolf-whistled.

“I told you I know what men like,” Chrissie said.

‘My Master isn’t like most men,’ Eleanor thought to herself.

“Shall we go, it’s a bit cold out here.”

Eleanor sighed, and led Chrissie to the building. She pressed his call button, and he opened the door for them. They climbed the stairs, with Chrissie complaining all the way.

“Couldn’t we have used the lift?”

“It’s an old building. The lift is unreliable,” Eleanor replied curtly.

At last, they reached a door. His door. As usual, Eleanor took a deep breath and exhaled before knocking. She thought she could feel Chrissie’s eyes on her. Then she knocked, the tension within her rising rapidly.

From within the flat, she heard His baritone voice call to them.


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