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The Evening’s Entertainment

Toby checked his phone, not so much for time, but for any messages. Nothing yet, but there was still time.

He returned the phone carefully to the inside pocket of his jacket, and looked around. He knew he was a little early, but it gave him some time to himself; time to chill for a few moments before the evening ahead.

His colleague Tom had invited to an event at a club he attended. He was vague on detail, having only heard about what went on. But he was keen that Toby attend, not just because of the event, but because he thought he may give Toby an opportunity to meet someone new. He teased him that if he was alone for much longer, he could no longer claim to be a Dominant, so he should find a submissive soon. Toby would just shake his head and smile in response.

Toby spotted Tom walking over, stood, and fastened his jacket. Toby was slightly struck by the woman he was with; leather from the shoes up to the corset, and severe black make-up.

Tom laughed as he approached.

“Do you ever not wear a jacket?”

Toby didn’t always wear his jacket, but tonight wore it for a reason.

Tom’s laughter subsided a little when he saw the glare from his Domme. Continue reading


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