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Lance sat in the hotel bar, nervously watching the entrance lobby as he sipped his coffee. He’d not felt this way in a long time; the anticipation of what the evening might hold. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

He felt ridiculous. Here he was, almost 50, and he felt the same nervousness he’d felt as a teen going out on a date. He scolded himself, yet he also enjoyed the giddy feeling inside. It had indeed been a long, long time since he felt so excited.

He heard the unmistakeable sound of stilettoes on the marble floor and looked up. The woman, in her mid-thirties, gave him a smile, which he automatically returned, and then looked around to avoid further eye contact. She walked past him, and started a conversation with a woman sat at the bar behind.

He looked down into his drink, and the doubts began to surface. What was he doing? What could she possibly see in him? She was gorgeous, young, and he was-

He heard a familiar voice and looked up in time to see her striding over to reception with her small suitcase wheeling behind.


He sat back and watched her check in. She’d travelled comfortably in her trainers, jeans and top, but she still looked stunning. His heart raced knowing that it was going to happen. He gripped the arms of the chair and slowed his breathing. The anticipation was rising.

She was handed the key, and she strode away. Lance noticed the desk clerk watching her adorable ass wiggle as she walked, and chuckled to himself.

He waited until she disappeared into the lift, and then drained his coffee cup. He took a deep breath before making his way up to his room. Continue reading


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