Into Focus

This story was written by a friend of mine, Belle. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Marie’s heart was pounding as she put her car into park and checked the time. She was still a few minutes early, and anxious for the clock hands to move faster. She could hardly believe what she was about to do. She took a deep breath and sat for a minute to reflect.

Two weeks, earlier a friend had made a joke about having boudoir photos taken. Marie had outwardly rolled her eyes, but internally she was intrigued. She’d been in a stale relationship for so long that she’d almost forgotten she was a woman. He didn’t look at her with desire anymore. Sure, she’d probably indulged at the table too often and neglected her gym membership; she wasn’t as svelte as in her youth. But her shape was still womanly, and Marie wondered if maybe she could recapture a little self-confidence and feel sexy again by doing a boudoir photo shoot of her own.

And so she secretly looked into it.

She found a local photographer on-line whose portfolio of portraits was inspiring. Looking at his photos, Marie felt the subjects were captured masterfully, full of life. He was clearly a capable photographer. Could he give photos of her that same magic? She had doubts about herself. She was no model. Maybe she was being foolish, wasting money on a selfish endeavor. But Marie had never backed down from any challenge, so she gave herself a pep talk.

“It doesn’t matter how the pictures turn out, no one else will see them anyway. Do it for yourself, to remind yourself not only are you still alive, you’re still vibrant! If it makes you happy it is worth it!”

She had traded emails with him to inquire about booking her own photo shoot. She had so much fun shopping for her wardrobe. The lingerie shop was like a candy store. The rich texture of the fabrics and satin ribbons, the feeling of forbidden fantasy, the more she tried on, the more she began to get excited.

When the saleslady laced her into the lacy black corset, she stood, jaw dropped, staring at her hourglass figure in the mirror. Breasts propped up like a shelf, narrow waist accentuating the full curves of her hips. Until that point, it had all been imaginary, the thought had still been at the back of her mind that she could cancel and back out. But at the sight of herself cutting that sexy form she knew there was no turning back. This was just a taste of what she wanted out of the whole experience.

And now, with a racing heartbeat, Marie smiled at the exhilaration she felt. What a change, so unlike the numbing coma of her humdrum daily life. She grabbed her bag, took one last deep breath, and rang the doorbell.

Max’s studio was in his home in an affluent neighbourhood. A smiling red headed woman let Marie in, introducing herself as the hair stylist. The house was stunning, furnished with luxurious finishes and modern décor. Art hung on the wall, obviously shot through the skilful lens of Max’s camera. Seeing his gift on display, being reminded of how talented he was, Marie’s anxieties lessened. She quickly relaxed and began to enjoy herself.

For the next half hour, she was pampered and primped by the professional makeup and hair stylist. She felt special for a change, the centre of attention. She changed into the black corset, the hairstylist helping her to lace it properly, as well as matching black lace panties, her black lace stockings and patent leather black stilettos, a few strands of pearls, and covered herself in a satin robe. Finally they showed her the mirror.

Marie let out a squeal of delight. She barely recognized the uber-feminine bombshell looking back at her. She could sometimes admit she had pretty features, but at that moment she knew she wasn’t merely pretty; she was truly gorgeous, with smoky eye make-up, lengthy black lashes, and her long blonde hair cascading in soft waves down her back. The knowledge that she could be sexy, exotic even, brought out a glow in her skin and a sparkle to her eyes. She remembered she was alive. It was the most beautiful she’d ever felt in her life.

Max came down the stairs. His previous client was leaving and Marie was his last appointment of the day. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with less hair than he’d had 20 years ago, and greyed at his temples. But Marie thought he was a handsome man that wore his age well. His voice was deep and masculine, and his steely grey eyes held her gaze as he welcomed her.

“You look great! If you’re ready, should we get started?”

His energy was contagious. Marie eagerly nodded, and let Max put his hand on her back as he lead her upstairs into a bedroom that had been converted into his photo studio. She removed her robe.

“Wow!” exclaimed Max. “You really do look great!”

Marie smiled at his compliment.

He helped position her on the chaise, so she was draped fetchingly, and then he leaned in very close, tweaking her nose playfully.

“Let’s have some fun!” he whispered.

Marie gave a giggle, and as she did, she heard the click of his camera.

“Good girl!” he praised her. “That was soo PERFECT!”

With his encouraging words boosting her, Marie allowed herself to enjoy the experience, focusing on how sensual and sexy she felt, and began to really let loose, arching her back, pushing out her sultry curves, running her hands through her hair.

Max’s encouragement continued; he would wink at her and direct her.

“Stick that booty out a bit more.”

“Show me those bedroom eyes.”

Sometimes he would look at her with a playful or sexy face and she would mirror it back at him.

She grew bolder, spurred on by Max’s reactions – his groans, the way his eyes would widen and he’d exclaim “Oooh yes! Like that!” as he kept taking photos. For the first time in years, she felt the truth and power of her sexuality.

Hands cupping her ample breasts, she flipped her hair over her shoulder, and looked back at Max with her best ‘fuck-me-eyes’, then gave a satisfied smirk as she could see his obvious reaction through his pants and heard his sharp intake of breath. She felt like sex personified, and there was a tangible chemistry in the air. She tossed her hair again and confidently struck another pose, her hands continuing to roam her body. Max’s camera kept clicking as Marie’s hands traced along her sensuous curves.

“Jesus, that’s so fucking hot,” he breathed huskily, clearly affected by her display.

She looked at him and smiled mischievously as she boldly began stripping off her lacy panties and corset, leaving only the stockings, heels and pearls on. With her breasts freed, she put her hands back on her chest and resumed squeezing her bare bosom, pinching and pulling on her nipples. How her body responded! It felt so good, she began to moan, and was unable to resist the urge to extend one hand to between her legs and begin to rub her clit, the other hand still pinching and squeezing her taut nipple.

Quickly she was consumed. Her blood pounded in her warm pussy, it was wet with her desire and felt very soft and slick, and her fingers were quickly covered in her satiny moisture. She was aware that Max’s camera had stopped clicking as he stared open mouthed at her. She was thrilled at having him watch her and eager to set her awakened passions free. She began to rub faster, her fingers pressing against her swollen nub, her moans building. Her eyes stayed locked on his. He seemed mesmerized by the burning passion he was seeing reflected there. She could feel the intensity building inside her and she gave into it, moaning louder as her body began to convulse and her orgasm washed over her. After a few breaths, she began to regain her composure, and looked at Max.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, seductively.

Max grinned and nodded, seemingly unable to speak, so Marie continued.

“Well, I enjoyed it too, but there’s something else I think I might enjoy even more.”

She crawled toward him on all fours, biting her lip and peering up from under thick black lashes with her vivid blue eyes. He fell back into the chaise, and when she reached him, she ran her hand up his leg, beginning at the ankle, slowly making her way up. She unbuckled him. He shifted as she gave a tug to his pants, and his erect cock sprung out. She looked at it admiringly for a moment, and then began to fondle his balls, rolling them between her fingers, before lowering her head to his crotch. She paused to inhale his musky scent, and let him feel her hot breath on his loins. Then she began to slowly lick.

Unhurried, she dragged her tongue from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip, savoring the texture. Max groaned deeply and threw his head back, his eyes closed as Marie wrapped her pink lips around his thick cock, taking him into her mouth. She pressed him deep into her mouth until he was right against the back of her throat. Then she began to suck.

She moaned and the vibration from her vocal cords seemed to reverberate right through him. Max stroked her hair as she continued to bob up and down, sucking his stiff member. She was enjoying the way he filled her mouth, having him throb inside her mouth as she sucked, and she wanted to be able to taste his salty load, but he pushed her back before he got to that point. She looked up at him expectantly as she bit her bottom lip. She could see desire evident on his face and she cocked her head and waited to see what he’d do next. He didn’t say anything. He just growled and picked up her, throwing her onto the bed. Marie squealed as Max’s hand swatted her bottom playfully, and he gave her another smack in response. The sharp snapping sound of his hand slapping her bum was music to her ears, and she smiled at the satisfying sting she felt.

He flipped her over onto her back, and pushed her knees apart. He lowered his mouth to her inner thighs, kissing and biting them gently, teasing, moving up until he reached her pussy. He nuzzled his face against her sex, kissing her soft folds, before he began to lick around her opening, flicking her clitoris with his tongue. While his tongue tangoed with her clit, he slid two fingers inside her, twisted them around, then hooking them slightly and giving a little tug. Harder and faster he continued to lick and suck, her juice running down his face. Marie reveled in the sensation, grabbing Max’s hair and pulling him as close to her core as she could. He seemed to take it as a challenge, and used his other hand to grab her at her hips, burying his face even deeper in her dripping wet cunt.

Marie cried out, unable to hold back, her orgasm wracking her body once again. Max finally came up for a breath, grinning wickedly. He pulled her up to a sitting position, cupped her face with his hands, and kissed her mouth passionately. Marie could taste herself on his lips, and she hungrily probed her tongue into his mouth eager for more. Their kiss continued and she felt his hands slide down around her bottom and his strong arms lifted her slightly, so her pelvis was raised just enough for the tip of his hard penis to rub against her sensitive pussy. She leaned into him, spreading her legs wider, wrapping them around his torso, encouraging him to penetrate deeper. She could feel him smile inside their kiss, as he held her just far enough away, taunting. She wriggled her hips, trying to coax him closer, but he continued teasing her.

Just as Marie began to feel frustrated by his tease, he pulled her close and thrust himself deep inside her. She was so slick with wetness, he slid completely in and she squeezed her pelvic muscles around his cock, appreciating how he filled her. He held her tight against him for a long moment, savoring the sensation, before they began a steady rhythm.

Shallow. Shallow. Deep. Shallow. Shallow. Deep.

In and out, he fucked her, her hips gyrating in circles to match his thrusts, her muscles clenching to tighten around him. Each stroke, in and out, threatened to send her over the edge, and Marie moaned again. Her passion sought release through her fingers and she fervently clawed his back with her bright pink fingernails, relishing the feel of his skin under her nails. The pace of their coitus increased, quicker and more urgent. Marie could feel him swell and pulse inside her, and once more, she felt her body begin to shake. He braced himself against the wall, and began to fuck her relentlessly, increasing the power of his thrusts, slamming deep into her. The intensity of her third orgasm overwhelmed her, and she cried out as her body spasmed. With a grunt, Max joined her and unloaded, his cock pulsing, shooting his sticky cream deep inside her. Breathless, they collapsed on the bed, both smiling in satisfaction.

A few weeks later, Marie received an email. Max did not disappoint. The photos were all she hoped for; she looked absolutely radiant in them. Her favorite was the last photo he had taken, as she lay spent on the bed, with her flushed cheeks and streaked mascara. The photo perfectly captured her bliss, and she smiled at the memory.

At the bottom of the email, Marie noticed he had added a note.

“You are the most extraordinary model I’ve had the pleasure of working with. No charge for your session. Call me anytime you’d like to model again for me.”

A sly grin crossed her lips. She thought to herself she owed him a thank you.


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