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The Devil In Devlyn

Set in Victorian London, Lord Devlyn is a man with an agenda…

HatLord Devlyn sat in his drawing room in his favourite chair, book in hand, deep in thought. He unconsciously smiled to himself as he thought about how he would soon have his revenge on Earl Cunningham; the following day he would have the documents from within his safe, proof of his underhanded dealings.

His reverie was broken by Patsy, his maid, who came in to tidy the fireplace. Patsy came into his service when he ‘rescued’ her from an overly amorous drunk who was attempting coitus in a back alley. She was only just fighting him off, and Devlyn would not have normally interfered, but he recognized the fellow: he had won a considerable amount from him earlier in the evening. Devlyn had felt cheated, so thought it only fair that he cheat the rather odious man from his ‘prize.’ The fellow didn’t know what hit him as Devlyn’s cane came crashing down against the back of his head, and down he went, crumpled, to the floor. The girl just looked at the downed drunk, and then at Devlyn: he could see the fear in her eyes. He could have easily taken her there and then for his own pleasure, but he wanted to be clear before the drunk came around, so he simply doffed his hat, and strode home. He soon realized the girl was following him, and despite his efforts to lose her, she was surprisingly adept at keeping his tail. In the end, he relented, deciding her skills could prove useful to him at some point.

“I’m sorry, sir. Shall I come back later?” she asked, gently bobbing in a curtsey, a cheeky smile on her face.

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